Kahl, Jonathan


Web: Personal Website

Educational Degrees

  • PhD in Atmospheric Science, University of Michigan
  • MS in Atmospheric Science, University of Michigan
  • BA in Psychology, Universtiy of Michigan

Research Areas

  • Air pollution meteorology
  • Long-range atmospheric transport
  • Air trajectory modeling
  • Enhancing science education using technology

Selected Service and Projects

  • Director, UWM Atmospheric Science Study Abroad in Mexico: Air Pollution and Ancient Cultures. Beginning in 2010, this unique program is offered every January during the UWinteriM mini-semester.
  • Offers the 40-50 hour course Meteorological Aspects of Air Pollution at a Mexican university each summer.
  • Author of seven children's books about meteorology including The National Audubon Society First Field Guide to Weather (Scholastic, 1998).

Selected Recent Publications

Harris, Austin R., and Kahl, Jonathan D. “Gust Factors: Meteorologically-stratified Climatology, Data Artifacts, and Utility in Forecasting Peak Gusts.” Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climate.
Kahl, Jonathan D., and Chapman, H. “Atmospheric stability characterization using the Pasquill method: A critical evaluation.” Atmospheric Environment.
Kahl, Jonathan D., Selbig, Brandon R., and Harris, Austin R. “Meteorologically stratified gust factors for forecasting peak wind gusts across the United States.” Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. (2021).
Kahl, Jonathan D. “Automatic, Multiple Assessment Options in Undergraduate Meteorology Education.” Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. (2016): 7.
Kahl, Jonathan D., and Ceron, Julia. “Faculty-led study abroad in atmospheric science education.” Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 95.2 (2014): 283-292.
Kahl, Jonathan D., Saunders, Rolando O., and Ghorai, Jugal K. Improved estimation of PM2.5 using Lagrangian satellite-measured aerosol optical depth. 91. 2014: 146-153.
Saunders, Rolando O., Scotty, Erica, and Kahl, Jonathan D. “The sensitivity of single air parcel trajectory calculations to starting elevation.” Science of the Total Environment. (2013): 229-236.
González-Santiago, O., Badillo-Castañeda, C.T., Ramirez-Lara, E., Balderez-Renteria, I., and Kahl, Jonathan D. Temporal analysis of PM10 in Metropolitan Monterrey, México. 61. 2011: 573-579.
Ramírez Lara, Evangelina, and Kahl, Jonathan D. “Chemical composition of rainwater in northeastern México.” Atmósfera 23.3 (2010): 213-224.
Dharshana, Thishan, Kravtsov, Sergey, and Kahl, Jonathan D. “Relationship between synoptic weather disturbances and particulate matter air pollution over the United States.” Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 115.D24219 (2010).