Innovative Weather

Innovative WeatherInnovative Weather seeks to develop tomorrow’s meteorologists while protecting partner interests against the weather today. Students gain hands-on experience in operational meteorology and professional job skills through paid internships while providing clients such as We Energies, Summerfest, Lake Express, and more with reliable weather forecasts and hazard-related risk assessments. Students who intern with Innovative Weather have a long track record of finding employment with the National Weather Service and private-sector weather firms shortly after graduation, even with only a undergraduate degree. Nearly 40 UWM Atmospheric Science alumni are currently employed by over twenty National Weather Service offices across the United States!

The Innovative Weather mission is two-fold:

  • Provide UWM students with hands-on meteorological experiences to deepen their learning, develop their professional skills, and improve their job prospects.
  • Provide local and regional partners with high-quality weather forecasts and hazard-related risk assessments tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

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