Courses Offered

Current Course Rotation

Our graduate courses and electives are typically offered on a two-year rotation, per the schedule below. This rotation is subject to change, and current and prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact the Atmospheric Science Program Coordinator with any questions regarding specific course availability.



Fall Spring Fall Spring
AtmSci 330 AtmSci 470 AtmSci 505 AtmSci 460
AtmSci 500 AtmSci 511 AtmSci 705 AtmSci 480
AtmSci 761 AtmSci 950
(Stat. Methods Pt. II)
AtmSci 690
(Data Analytics)
AtmSci 711
AtmSci 950
(Num. Wx. Prediction)

Courses Offered

ATM SCI 330 - Air-Pollution Meteorology (3 units; U/G)
Pollutant sources and sinks, fundamental pollutant chemistry, monitoring techniques, averaging boundary layers and turbulence, diffusion theories, diffusion models, regional and global-scale pollution problems. Prereq: Atm Sci 240(P); Chem 102(P); stats course recom.
ATM SCI 350 - Atmospheric Thermodynamics (3 units; U/G)
Radiant energy, sensible heat, and atmospheric thermodynamics; the gas laws; hydrostatic and psychrometric equations; dry and moist convection; clouds and their physical and energy relations. Optional field exercise. Prereq: jr st; Physics 210(P); Math 232(P); Atm Sci 240(P).
ATM SCI 351 - Dynamic Meteorology I (3 units; U/G)
The role of dynamics in atmospheric physics; equations of motion; symmetric circulation models; gravity waves; Rossby waves, quasi-geostrophy; introduction to instability of atmospheric flows. Prereq: jr st; Atm Sci 240(P); Math 233(P).
ATM SCI 352 - Dynamic Meteorology II (3 units; U/G)
Circulation, vorticity, potential vorticity; shallow water equations: Poincare, Kelvin, and Rossby waves, energy and enstrophy; quasi-geostrophy for a stratified atmosphere; barotropic and baroclinic instability. Prereq: jr st; Atm Sci 351(P); Math 234(P).
ATM SCI 360 - Synoptic Meteorology I (4 units; U/G)
Fundamental principles; synoptic-scale structure and dynamics; equivalent barotropic model; vertical motions; introduction to and application of quasi-geostrophic theory. Prereq: jr st; Math 232(P); Physics 210(P); Atm Sci 240(P).
ATM SCI 361 - Synoptic Meteorology II (4 units; U/G)
Extension of quasi-geostrophic theory to Q-vectors; isentropic potential vorticity applied to mid-latitude weather systems; fronts and jets. Prereq: jr st; Atm Sci 360(P).
ATM SCI 405 - Atmospheric Science for in-Service Teachers: (1-3 units; U/G)
Basic, advanced or new topics in atmospheric sciences for in-service teachers. May be retaken w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: in-service teacher; add'l prereqs depending on topic.
ATM SCI 460 - Mesoscale Circulations (3 units; U/G)
Theory, analysis and forecasting of mesoscale flows, including convective systems, polar lows, terrain and surface-forced flows, jet streams and hurricanes. Prereq: jr st; Atm Sci 360(R) or cons instr.
ATM SCI 464 - Physical Meteorology: Cloud Physics (3 units; U/G)
Formation of cloud droplets, droplet growth by condensation, formation of ice crystals, precipitation processes, weather radars, cloud models. Prereq: jr st; Physics 210(P); Math 232(P); Atm Sci 350(P).
ATM SCI 470 - Tropical Meteorology (3 units; U/G)
Dynamics and energetics of tropical circulations. Origins and evolution of equatorial disturbances and easterly waves. Structure and dynamics of tropical cyclones. Hurricane modeling and prediction. Prereq: Atm Sci 351(P) or 360(P).
ATM SCI 480 - The General Circulation and Climate Dynamics (3 units; U/G)
Historical overview, the zonally symmetric circulation, momentum, heat and water budgets, stationary waves, the El Nino Southern oscillation, global warming, interpentadal variability in the North Atlantic. Prereq: jr st; Atm Sci 351(P).
ATM SCI 497 - Study Abroad: (1-12 units; U/G)
Designed to enroll students in UWM sponsored program before course work level, content, and credits are determined and/or in specially prepared course work. May be retaken w/chg in topic. Prereq: jr st; acceptance for Study Abroad Prog.
ATM SCI 500 - Statistical Methods in Atmospheric Sciences (3 units; U/G)
Mathematical and statistical tools applicable to the investigation of atmospheric problems; the nature and treatment of atmospheric data. Prereq: jr st; Atm Sci 240(P) or 350(P), & Math 232(P) or cons instr.
ATM SCI 505 - Micrometeorology (3 units; U/G)
Surface energy budget; radiation balance and heat transfer; boundary-layer profiles of wind, temperature and moisture; turbulence and boundary-layer fluxes; evapotranspiration; special topics. Prereq: jr st; Atm Sci 351(P) & 330(P).
ATM SCI 511 - Seminar in Atmospheric Radiation and Remote Sensing (3 units; U/G)
Basic laws of radiation, absorption and scattering, weather radar, retrieval of soundings, remote sensing and climate, weather satellites. Prereq: jr st; Math 232(P); Atm Sci 350(P) & Physics 210(P).
ATM SCI 520 - Advanced Dynamic Meteorology (3 units; U/G)
Properties of atmospheric sound, gravity, Rossby waves. Baroclinic instability, cyclogenesis, frontogenesis, and the general circulation. Introduction to numerical prediction. Prereq: jr st; Math 234(P), Atm Sci 350(P) & 351(P) or equiv.
ATM SCI 690 - Seminar in Atmospheric Sciences: (1-3 units; U/G)
Intensive topical studies of currently active problem areas. May be retaken w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Satisfies L&S Seminar req. Prereq: jr st; cons instr.
ATM SCI 705 - Air Pollution Modeling (3 units; G)
Computational techniques for determining surface fluxes of heat and momentum. Numerical methods for solving advection and diffusion problems; statistical diffusion modeling. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.
ATM SCI 711 - Cloud Dynamics (3 units; G)
Atmospheric applications of turbulent flow theory. Nonprecipitating clouds: structure of individual cumulus clouds, stratocumulus and cumulus boundary layers. Precipitating clouds: thunderstorms, squall lines, hurricanes. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.
ATM SCI 725 - Remote Sensing of the Environment (3 units; G)
Remote sensing technology, data processing, and analysis in meteorology, with application to oceanography and geology. Radar and acoustic sounding. Erts, sms/goes, thermal scanner, conventional weather satellites. Prereq: grad st in Physics, Math, Geog, Geo Sci, Engr, or Atm Sci.
ATM SCI 750 - Nonlinear Time Series Analysis (3 units; G)
Phase space reconstruction; singular spectrum analysis; prediction; dimension estimation; application of nonlinear time series analysis techniques to selected data sets. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.
ATM SCI 760 - Advanced Cloud, Aerosol & Precipitation Principles, Processes & Interactions (4 units; G)
(3 hr lc, 2 hr la). Theoretical & experimental look at cloud & precipitation formation, interaction & dissipation microphysics & chemistry aerosol physics & chemistry, & their application. Prereq: grad st; Atm Sci 464(C) or cons instr.
ATM SCI 761 - Advanced Synoptic/Mesoscale Meteorology (3 units; G)
Advanced analysis techniques for snyoptic/mesoscale diagnoses, case studies of relevant circulation systems; role of planetary, synoptic, and mesoscale flows in system development. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.
ATM SCI 888 - Candidate for Degree (0 units; G)
Available for graduate students who must meet minimum credit load requirement. Fee for 1 cr assessed. Prereq: grad st.
ATM SCI 943 - Seminar: Hydrology: (3 units; G)
Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: grad st.
ATM SCI 950 - Seminar on Topics in Atmospheric Sciences: (3 units; G)
Selected topics in atmospheric dynamics, satellite meteorology, atmospheric & oceanic convection, air & water pollution, numerical prediction remote sensing, & others. Prereq: grad st in physical sciences or engineering. Retakable w/ chg in topic to 9 cr max.
ATM SCI 990 - Master's Thesis (1-8 units; G)
Prereq: grad st; cons instr & completed thesis proposal.
ATM SCI 997 - Doctoral Externship (1-12 units; G)
Prereq: grad st; admis to candidacy for the PhD.
ATM SCI 998 - Doctoral Dissertation (1-12 units; G)
Prereq: grad st; admis to candidacy for PhD.
ATM SCI 999 - Advanced Independent Reading (1-4 units; G)
Independent meteorological study. Retakable to 4 cr max. Prereq: grad st & cons instr.