Graduate Programs


Our faculty and graduate students engage in a wide range of atmospheric research, with specializations that include climate variability, numerical modeling, atmospheric dynamics, mesoscale and synoptic meteorology, air-pollution meteorology, and data analytics. Our program is an excellent place for graduate study because of our research excellence, high faculty-student ratio, friendly environment, and open-door policy for student questions.

Student Opportunities

Though it can be intimidating to do so – as we can speak to ourselves! – we highly encourage all prospective graduate students to reach out to the faculty members who do research in the areas of greatest interest to you. This does not have to be very formal: an e-mail that introduces yourself and lets us know that you are interested in learning more about our graduate programs is a great starting point! We can strike up a deeper conversation from there. Reaching out helps you get more information about our program, learn more about potential research opportunities, start to determine if one of us would be a good fit for you as a mentor, give you name recognition when we are reviewing applications, and ask any questions about the application process that you might have. We promise to promptly respond to all student inquiries!