Colloquium: Dr. Francis Motta

Friday, April 15, 2016
UWM Atmospheric Science Program Colloquium Series presents “Topological Data Analysis: Developments and Applications.” Speaker: Dr. Francis Motta, Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University.

Colloquium: Dr. Russell Cuhel

Friday, March 25, 2016
WM Atmospheric Science Program Colloquium Series presents “El Nino and the Great Upwelling of 2015: Meteorology and Mathematics Aid Understanding of Lake Michigan Fisheries Dynamics.” Speaker: Dr. Russell Cuhel, Senior Scientist, Great Lakes WATER Institute –
School of Freshwater Sciences, Center for Great Lakes Studies

Colloquium: Dr. Marty Baxter

Friday November 13, 2015
UWM Atmospheric Science presents: “How much confidence can we have in precipitation forecasts for the Southeast United States?” Speaker: Dr. Marty Baxter, Associate Professor of Meteorology & Interim Chair, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Central Michigan University