Athletics & Fitness

Play, cheer, compete, chill out. There are lots of ways to break a sweat, blow off steam and show your Panther Pride.


Panther Pride is knowing you belong to a Division 1 university that enrolls 300 of the hardest-working college athletes in America. We boast Horizon League championship titles in men’s and women’s basketball, a top-ranked and nationally competitive women’s soccer team, and lay claim to the only D1 men’s baseball team in Wisconsin. Year-round athletics on campus and in nearby Milwaukee venues give every student opportunities to check out the hottest (most affordable) games in town. Read more.

Watch the Panthers win over UW-Green Bay.

The Klotsche Center and Pavilion is a spacious state of the art facility, built in 2006, to serve the fitness and rec needs of all UWM students.

Intramurals at UWM explore 12 specialty and popular sports, and welcome more than 10,000 students.

Rent gear, fix gear and book weekend adventures through the UWM Adventure Center, at student-friendly prices.

Bowling and table tennis are real sports, but the debate about video games rages on. Play all three at the Union Recreation Center.

Look for spontaneous acts of organized athleticism happening anywhere in campus. From hacky sack on Spaights Plaza to frisbee at Cambridge Commons, there’s lots of opportunity to get your game on.

Enjoy Spring at UWM!