Study Abroad

  • UWM theatre study abroad
    New York, Spring Break 2016


UWM’s Department of Theatre believes strongly that a complete education in the arts has to take students beyond our classrooms and campus. By participating in diverse theatre practices alongside world-class artists and teachers, our students are better equipped to bring a unique and personal experience to their own individual field of study.

Our trips are led by faculty members who have personal and professional experience in world theatre, and the individual countries selected to visit. The trips are also run in conjunction with UWM’s Centre for International Education to ensure student safety and well-being at all times.

Historically, the Department has taken students as far afield as Japan, Australia, and many parts of Europe. Each summer we take students to England or Canada for two weeks to explore theatre in places like London, Stratford, and York, as well as Toronto and Montreal. During academic spring breaks, we journey to Chicago or New York. And at the end of summer, we take students to American Players Theatre in Spring Green, Utah Shakespeare, or Oregon Shakespeare.

All trips are taken for credit so students can apply financial aid to help cover the cost. Discover upcoming Theatre trips on UWM’s Centre for International Education website, or watch your UWM email account for announcements sent throughout the year from the Department.

Upcoming Trips