Organizations & Clubs

Peck School students are active artists, collaborators, and innovators! Meet like-minded people who inspire creativity and will support your aspirations. Collaborate and create, network with professional artists, and develop close mentor relationships with faculty outside of the classroom. It’s a wonderfully diverse arts community and school, get involved today!

Art & Design
American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA)
We are a group of students that are all united by one thing: our love for design. We use the group as a way to exchange ideas and information while gaining experience and getting some really cool benefits! Students in AIGA will discover a unique vantage point on the profession and a door to job prospects… and you get to meet professionals in the field! Being a member of AIGA and attending events at the local, state, and national level provides resources designed to stimulate thinking about design, demonstrate value of design to businesses, and empower designers for success.

Art & Design for Change
This organization is focused on the goal of art and social justice.  Students apply their knowledge of art to a variety of different social justice topics. Student will also be learning about various social justice issues, have the chance to engage with their community.

Ceramics Arts Student Association (C.A.S.A.)
We sponsor visiting artists and lecturers, and foster community outreach programs for the visual arts.

Focused on technology and art–you don’t have to be an arts major to join!

Focus (Photography)
We exist to expand students’ experience beyond a classroom setting, to provide opportunities, to gain recognition, and to expand professional practice in the field of photography.

Game Design & Development
Game Design & Development is a student organization dedicated to exploring the field of computer game development. It is a multi-disciplinary organization consisting of members from various backgrounds including art, music, and computer science. We do a variety activities focused around all aspects of game design. These activities are self-contained, so people can jump in at any time and don’t require any previous experience.

Object (Metals)
We bring visiting artists to campus for lectures and demos, hold an annual jewelry sale, and have fun.

Print Club
Our club is dedicated to promoting awareness of and love for all forms of printmaking. We take field trips to local (and not-so-local) printshops, create discussions about work, made both by our members and by our member’s idols, host guest speakers, demonstrators and artists in residence and partake in bonding fun-tivities that cultivate friendships, collaborations and connections within our membership’s body. We are, simply stated, a bunch of pals that love to make prints!

Sculpture Club
We are committed to the appreciation, creation, and education concerning all art in three dimensional form. Whether it glass, bronze, clay, wood, metal, digital fabrication performance, or a whole myriad of other medium, Sculpture Club wants to help facilitate and foster the creative within all who are interested.

SOFKAG: Art & Design Graduate Students at UWM
The purpose of SOFKAG is to increase community involvement in the graduate art program at UWM while providing professional development opportunities for graduate art students. We further our understanding of what art is in the 21st century through creating, viewing and discussing artwork and art theory. We bring renowned artist educators to UWM for professional development workshops, travel to see works of art and attend conferences to enhance our educational experience. We aim to bring that knowledge back to UWM to share with art students and faculty.

Hype Dance
HYPE is the oldest urban dance company in Milwaukee, with chapters at both Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Their mission is to elevate the art of urban dance culture and continually inspire communities through education and performance.

Film, Video, Animation and New Genres

Animation Club
UWM Animation Club was born out of the desire for educational enrichment through animated storytelling. Several of the members are self-taught in their preferred art styles, and each style is completely unique. The club has a bunch of activities, everything from chatting with guest speakers, to discussing the ins and outs of the professional world, to shooting short films and getting out in the community! In their spare time, UWM A Club likes to make super-duper stuff. Check out their website for an artist directory and other cool animation sources.

doc | UWM
doc|UWM is a documentary media center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is located within Nō Studios.

Film Studies Club
Our purpose is to promote the engagement and understanding of the visual arts and motion pictures.

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
The Milwaukee Underground Film Festival is a student run film festival devoted to showcasing independent, artist driven cinema. For nearly two decades we have been programming filmmakers that defy convention in an attempt to amplify unheard voices. Our festival celebrates the potential of cinema to imbue a community with excitement, critical discussion, and open-mindedness through the presentation of new artistic forms.

Production Club
Current UWM students are welcome to join or attend any meeting! We want to help build a professional working environment for film students through social interaction and collaboration on and off set. We aim to familiarize students with professional practice through helping them produce their own work and be part of larger, local film productions in Milwaukee. Production Club at UWM hosts demos on software, camera and lighting workshops, guest speakers, and creates our own short films!

Professional Cinema Society
PCS is a student organization focused on bringing the film community at UWM together. Our mission is to allow students all across campus a platform to showcase their works, network with others in their field, and explore many more opportunities.

Reel Women
Reel Women is a film community established to create a safe space for all genders to begin a dialogue about the disparities and inequalities within the film industry and what can be done to facilitate change. It seeks to educate, empower and support marginalized student filmmakers before entering the film industry so they have the tools and the confidence to thrive.


Classical Guitar
An organization designed to further knowledge and appreciation of the classical guitar through world-class performances and masterclasses.

Collegiate Chapter of National Association for Music Educators (CNAfME)
The National Association for Music Education prepares students for changes, advancements and improvements in the field of music education. Members share ideas, discover new teaching techniques, develop leadership skills and expand a network of personal and professional contacts through campus activities, and state and national conferences. Anyone is eligible if they are pursuing a music education degree or any other music degree with an interest in teaching.

Colors of Music
We are interested and open to all art styles, the music/the arts, creativity, in changing normal structures, in adding diversity into the arts, and in changing normal statuses of diversity and social issues. Our goal is to connect people throughout all UWM through musical equality and diversity. All majors are welcomed to come together to make music, and show off their talents! We are hoping to get people from all over UWM to compose our own show together. We will need every type of person to help us put on a full show hopefully next spring. We will be taking on high stakes conversations and using the arts to talk and express stories about these topics. Check out our instagram page uwm_com for more information and daily updates!

Fingerstyle Guitar
The purpose of the Finger-Style Guitar Organization is to expand and enrich finger- style guitar within UWM, building awareness of this genre of music within the general public of Milwaukee. This will be achieved through the use of artistic performances and workshops by leading guitarists and composers, performances by UWM students, and community outreach. The Organization will also facilitate membership trips to guitar festivals, membership gatherings, fundraisers, and pedagogical scholarship.

Percussion @ UWM
Percussion @ UWM seeks to create connections with the percussion community on campus as well as in the greater Milwaukee area and beyond. We create these connections through performances on and off campus as well as hosting clinics and events with individuals who have made a career through percussion.

Milwaukee Horns
We curiously explore the study of the horn, create camaraderie amongst horn players on and off campus, and through performance and classes, promote awareness of horn repertoire in the Milwaukee area and beyond.


Panther Improv
Panther Improv spreads laughter at UWM through the art of improvised comedy.


Black & Gold Committee
Established to give students a greater voice in the decision-making process on campus, representatives from each Department in the Peck School of the Arts participate in monthly meetings with the Dean to carry out a student set agenda that addresses issues affecting the school. The committee is an important venue for students and the administration to work together on equal footing to help shape an exciting environment for learning and research at the Peck School of the Arts.