Present Music’s Wildest Concert Ever

Present Music

Often appearing at Turner Hall Ballroom, Present Music has been most interesting when choosing venues exploiting the connection between music and place. This Saturday for the first time, their program – Time, Nature, Culture, Sound – will be scattered throughout the Milwaukee Public Museum. The Public Museum pioneered the creation of immersive environments — ground breaking installations meant to place the observer within an exotic space. These were the first “Gear VR” views, without the headgear or the smart phone on your face.

The Planetarium calls for spectral universal sounds. That environment is well suited to the music of Somei Satoi, an established Japanese composer. His work, The Heavenly Spheres are illuminated by Lights (1979), makes no strict distinction between the sounds of nature and the sounds of music. Satoi’s work will be paired with a premiere performance of A Slower Speed of Light (2017), composed by UW-Milwaukee music students C. Olivia Valenza and Nicholas Elert. The Planetarium sky will be programmed to enhance the music.

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