Peck student strives to end biases in the LGBT community through photography


Milwaukee resident Sam Nelson sits in a soft green and lavender print armchair. His blue eyes gaze to the right with the light hitting that side of his face aglow from the window behind him. With his hands clasped in his lap, he wears a blue cardigan and similarly colored jeans. He wears neither a smile nor frown, but appears relaxed and pleasant. In the corner, a mirror reflects an image of a green plant.

He sits as UW-Milwaukee senior Mandy Litwin photographs this scene. It took a month for Litwin to pick the topic for her final photography project, and it is taking a year, and beyond, to create it. With Nelson’s help, she is one step closer.

Since September of 2016, Litwin has been photographing portraits of members of the LGBTQ community, and has no intentions of stopping after the completion of her class and graduating from UWM.

“This is an ongoing project,” said Litwin. “My goal is to portray the people in my life in a respectful way that tells the world that we are all just one people.”

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