Grandmother inspires Danceworks’ ‘Stories From a Life’


That’s where Danceworks artistic director Dani Kuepper, who teaches dance at UWM, got to know the work.

“When Daniel first approached me and asked if I would be interested in doing it at Danceworks, the concept was hardest part to understand,” Kuepper said.

The piece, she explained, is built around video interviews of Saren, “But the videos are really the jumping-off point. The piece is about memory itself, and how people remember things.”

The piece itself will live differently in the memories of the people who see the performances, in part because of the way the piece is structured.

Burkholder explained that the work will take place in two rooms, one containing a film presentation of excerpts from the interviews with his grandmother, the other featuring “a physical manifestation of the interviews, using movement as a metaphor for the idea of memories and how they affect and define us.”

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