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Catherine Veit

Lecturer, Dance


MFA, Painting UW-Madison


I have always been a curious person!

I grew up mostly in Iowa in the 60's with 3 sisters and forward thinking (rather absent) professorial parents who encouraged creativity before practicality.

We spent summers exploring the mountains of  Colorado while my dad worked as part of a research team there.  We had a lot of fun.

I was always interested in drawing and painting. Like hiking trails, the pencil or brush was a vehicle for exploration and adventure that could take me anywhere.

Going to art school made sense. I received my BFA from the University of Iowa and moved to Madison where I completed my MFA in oil painting.

My interest in yoga came from a desire to expand my imagination to see what would happen with my paintings and drawings.

From my very first class, I felt a new freedom in my mind and I felt a deeper connection to the person that I was when I was hiking and exploring as a kid.

I felt instantly transported back to a time before I had built up walls and expectations and rules for myself.

Always a student of yoga, I practice every day and work with my mentor and friends.

I live in Madison, with my dear husband and 2 kitties.