Digital Studio Practice Portfolio Review

Portfolios are due in students’ ART-212 Dropbox on the day of their final.

Students are asked to submit a portfolio of work for review and acceptance into Digital Studio Practice at the end of the semester when they take Art 212 (offered Fall/Spring semesters). Their 212 instructor will advise them on the process in class or during office hours.

All applicants will receive written feedback with acceptance or rejection, perhaps with recommendations, at the same time they receive their grades for the semester. Students can apply with an edited portfolio up to 3 times if they do not get into the program for any reason.  Advanced students who need to apply a second or third time will not be held back from any post-portfolio courses, other than Senior Project.

Submission Requirements

Artworks (5 works from the following areas)

  • 1 project from ART 118
  • 2 projects from ART 212
  • 2 more projects of your choice, with preference towards your cross disciplinary focus (these do not need to be part of a specific class)
  • Submit either .JPGs (10” on largest side at 144DPI,) or .PDF for images, and links to youtube, vimeo, and/or soundcloud for audiovisual submissions
  • Use the following naming conventions for files: 01_lastname.jpg, 02_lastname(web),
  • Include a single document (.rtf, .doc, .pdf, .pages) with the following information for each piece:
    • File Name (Use the naming convention requested)
    • Title of Project (Link if applicable)
    • Medium/Software/Duration
    • Date Created / Course Created in *if applicable*
    • A brief description of each project (just a few sentences, not an artist statement, but utilize critical keywords when possible)


A one-page “research statement” – basically what you make, why you make it, and how you will fit into the program (reference both Digital Studio Practice and your chosen secondary focus). This should be 200-500 words, and can be personal, academic, or both. Please use critical language learned in 118 and 212 where possible.


An unofficial transcript (PDF or scan) to show the courses you have taken, and grades you’ve earned so far.


Please place all items into a folder, and compress (.zip) that information prior to upload.  Use your as the naming convention.