Online Minor

The Department of Art History has developed an online minor for its undergraduate students. The online minor in Art History came to fruition during spring 2010, with the development of online versions of ARTHIST 101 and 102. Faculty members have created over 15 different courses online. The department’s online offerings (see the partial list below) represent a wide-range of levels, from broad surveys at the 100/200-levels to upper-division courses at the 300/400-levels.

We are proud of our online minor: the only online Art History minor offered in the state of Wisconsin!

ArtHist 101 – Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture
ArtHist 102 – Renaissance to Modern Art and Architecture
ArtHist 103 – History of Architecture
ArtHist 104 – African, New World and Oceanic Art
ArtHist 105 – Asian Art and Architecture
ArtHist 220 – The Beginning of Medieval Art
ArtHist 241 – Introduction to Baroque Art
ArtHist 250 – Introduction to American Art
ArtHist 251 – Introduction to the Art and Architecture of Latin America
ArtHist 255 – Survey of Italian Renaissance Painting and Sculpture
ArtHist 261 – Modern Art
ArtHist 315 – Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
ArtHist 325 – Early Medieval Art
ArtHist 333 – High Renaissance Art in Italy
ArtHist 358 – Modern Painting I: 1850-1900
ArtHist 365 – History of Photography
ArtHist 369 – Post 1970s Art
ArtHist 472 – History and Theory of New Media Art