Independent Study: ArtHist 699

Guidelines for the Independent Study

The Independent Study allows students to pursue academic interests outside the formal classroom setting under the supervision of a faculty member of the department. The activities may include reading, research, or a special project.

The Independent study is not a substitute for courses regularly available in the department curriculum and is only available to students who are ready to conduct in-depth and largely self-directed research on a specific topic.

Enrollment is subject to approval by a supervising faculty member.


  1. 3.0 or higher GPA
  2. Junior Standing


    1. Please send an Independent Study Application, cover letter, preliminary proposal and preliminary bibliography to the department associate: Ina Kielley (, who will forward your materials to the appropriate faculty member. It is highly recommended that you visit the UWM Career Planning & Resource Center to work on your cover letter and resume.
      Guidelines for the Cover Letter: one page, double spaced, addressed directly to the faculty member with whom you hope to study

      Your letter should answer the following questions:

      1. What is the rationale for working with this faculty member?
      2. How does this research fit into your broader educational/career goals?
      Preliminary Proposal: 500 words

      1. What topic(s) do you wish to study?
      2. Do you have any prior knowledge of the topic(s) that might prove beneficial for your research?
      Preliminary Bibliography with at least five (5) scholarly sources:

      1. How do I format a bibliography?
      2. How do I know if a web source is reliable?
    2. Once the supervising professor has approved your application, cover letter, preliminary proposal, and preliminary bibliography, you will need to set up a meeting with that person. You and your supervising professor will fill out the L&S Independent Study Form.
    3. Once the L&S Independent Study form is signed by you, your supervising professor, and the chair of the Department of Art History, you will be able to register for ARTHIST 699.

Application Deadlines:

July 15 for Fall semester
December 1 for Spring semester
April 1 for Summer semester


      1. Initial meeting with your supervising professor
      2. Assignments will vary with each professor
        You must write a minimum of 30 pages for the semester
        Final paper must have a title
        100% of final grade
        Due: Last day of classes for the semester
        You must include a receipt from the UWM Writing Center when submitting all assignments. Failure to submit a receipt will result in a failing grade for the course. 

Independent Study Application