Graduate Colloquium Application

Undergraduate students are allowed to take graduate colloquia to satisfy the L&S research requirement or a distribution requirement for the major. Students are expected to do the same work in these graduate courses as graduate students.

Application deadlines:

July 15 for fall semester
December 1 for spring semester
April 1 for summer sessions


      1. Please send an Independent Study Application, cover letter, preliminary proposal and preliminary bibliography to the department associate: Ina Kielley (, who will forward your materials to the appropriate faculty member. It is required that you visit the UWM Career Planning & Resource Center to work on your cover letter and resume. Your application will not be accepted without a receipt.
Cover Letter: one page double spaced addressed directly to the faculty member teaching the colloquium.
  1. What is the rationale for participating in this Graduate Colloquium?
  2. How does this research fit into your broader research/degree goals.
  3. Once the professor approves your application, cover letter, and resume, you will be able to sign up for the Graduate Colloquium (ArtHist 700+) via PAWS.


Students are expected to complete the same work in these graduate courses as graduate students.

Graduate Colloquium Application