Iazlane Pacheco de Souza, Moara

Graduate Student
Art History

  • MA in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (in-Progress)
  • Graduate Certificate in Compliance from Unyleya College, Brazil (2020)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Theory, Criticism, and Art History from the Institute of Art at the University of Brasilia, Brazil (2017)
Art History Related Interests:
  • Forgery & Authenticity
  • Cultural and Historical Heritage (Brazilian and International)
  • Intersections with Technology (NFTs, Blockchain)
  • Valuation, Conservation, and Restoration of Art
  • Art Looted & Art Law
Relevant work experience:
  • Current Teaching Assistant & Grader, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Aug/2023 - present)
  • Legal Expert in Art, District Court, DF, Brazil (Nov/2020 – Jul/2023)
  • Art Consultant & Art Historian, Brazil (Aug/2017 – Jul/2023)
  • Curatorial Assistant, 1st Regional Court, Brazil (May/2019 – Aug/2019)