Former Faculty & Staff

Dean McKenzie Jane Waldbaum Jim Morgenstern Larry Hoey

Ancient Art and Archaeology

Sidney Goldstein, 1971-1973, Ancient Glass
Jane C. Waldbaum, 1973-2002, Eastern Mediterranean archaeology; Metalwork and Metallurgy; East Greek pottery
Beth Cohen, 1978-1979, Iconography
Susan Langdon, 1985-1986, Geometric Greek Bronzes; Iconography
John Marszal, 1989-1991, Hellenistic Sculpture

Medieval Art and Architecture

A. Dean McKenzie, 1964-1965, Icons
Carl Barnes†, 1966-1971, Villard de Honnecourt
James Morgenstern, 1971-1973, Early Christian/Byzantine Art; Western Medieval Architecture
Anne Morgenstern, 1971-1973, Medieval Art; Northern Renaissance
Ronald Malmstrom, 1973-1980, Italian Medieval Architecture
Lawrence Hoey†, 1981-2000, English Medieval Architecture
Marcus Rautman, 1985-1986, Late Antique/Early Christian Art
Christina Maranci, 2001-2008, Byzantine/Armenian Architecture

Mark Zucker Barry WInd and Norman Ziff Jack Wasserman Alistair Smart Catherine Bock

Renaissance/Baroque Art

Jack Wasserman, 1964-1975, Italian Renaissance
Justin Bier, 1976, Northern Renaissance
Mark Zucker†,1976-1980, Italian Renaissance
Alistair Smart, 1981-1982, Giotto; Constable
Barry Wind†, 1971-2004, French and Spanish Baroque

19th & 20th Century Art

Jose Barrio-Garay, 196X-1973
Catherine Bock, 1973–1977, Matisse; Fauves
Norman Ziff, 1975-1978
Jane Block, 1980-1983, 20th century Belgian Art; Les Vingt
Diana Hulick, 1983-1984, History of Photography
Kenneth Bendiner, 1985-2014, Victorian Art; History of Photography; Modern Decorative Arts

Kenneth Bendiner Jose Barrio-Garay Damie Stillman

Contemporary Art

Melanie Mariño, 2004–2006

American Art

Jeffrey Hayes†, 1982-2012, Oscar Bluemner; Folk Art

History of Architecture

Damie Stillman, 196X-1977
Paul Sprague, 1978–XXXX, Frank Lloyd Wright,
Nancy Hubbard, 2001–2013 (1988 in Architecture), Historic Preservation; Professional Practice and Legal Issues in Architecture

Non-Western Art: African, Pre-Columbian, Oceanic

Patrick McNaughton, 1977-1983, African
Andrea Stone†, 1984–2013, Pre-Columbian; Maya Art
Matthew Francis Rarey, 2014-2015, African and African Diaspora Arts

Non-Western: Asian Art

Hilary K. Snow, 2014-2015, Japanese Art and Architecture

Non-Western: Latin American Art

Eduardo Douglas, 2006-2008, Colonial and Modern Latin American Art

History of Film

Patricia Mellencamp, 1971-2002
Elena Gorfinkel, 2009-2016

Department of Art History Chairs

Jack Wasserman, 1964-1975
Damie Stillman, 1975-1977
Roland Stromberg (from History), 1977–1978
Paul Sprague, 1978–1981
Barry Wind, 1981-1982, 2002-2003
Jane Waldbaum, 1982-85, 1986-89, 1991-92
Jeffrey Hayes, 1989-1991, 1992-1996
Andrea Stone, 1999-2001 and 2004-2005
Kenneth Bendiner, 2005-2014
Richard Leson, Summer 2014, Summer 2016, Summer 2017
Derek Counts, 2014-2015, Fall 2015, 2016-2017
Tanya Tiffany, Summer 2015, Spring 2016

Gallery Directors, Slide Curators, and Curators of Collections

Dean McKenzie
Julie Knight, Slide Curator
Stephanie Sigala, Slide Curator
Mark Chepp, Slide Curator, Gallery Director, Curator,
Suzanne Foley, Gallery Director and Director, UWM Art Museum
Mike Flanagan, Gallery Director
Frank Lewis, Interim Gallery Director
Priscilla Camilli, Slide Curator
Christa Story, Curator, UWM Art Collection 2011-2016

Administrative Assistants

Gail Boviall
Peggy Millane
Chris Booth Furness
Ruth Fowler
Jeff Eisenberg
Jozi Tatham
Rebecca Damato
Jill Baum, 2006-2011
Kate Negri, 2011-2017


Andre Lovenescu
Lewis Schultz


George Ulrich
Katherine Kneevers (formerly Murrell)
Jeff Jara
Michael Aschenbrenner
Lisa Hostetler
Chris Szczesny-Adams
Annemarie Sawkins
Natanya Blanck
Alexis Carrozza
Kristi Helmkamp
Sarah Rothmann
Sara Rich
Ashley Cook
Kate Negri; Spring 2011, Spring 2013
Maggie Hazard
Sean King
Steve Torzok
Kristen Schulrud
Jocelyn Boor
Sarah Anne Carter, Fall 2016
David Pacifico, Spring 2017

† indicates deceased