Weber, Nicholas

GIS Analyst/Project Manager

Nicholas has been working as an archaeologist in Wisconsin and the Midwest since 2004 and has worked with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since 2009. He completed the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee GIS graduate program in 2015. Nick started working with UWM-CRM in 2014 and has been the program GIS Specialist since 2016. Nick’s previous GIS projects and experience cover a wide range of geospatial fields and activities, including geospatial data production, geospatial database maintenance and data curation, predictive modeling, spatial analysis, remote sensing, LiDAR data processing and analysis, as well as spatial web-based mapping and mobile application development. Nick’s project responsibilities will include digitizing project data and spatial data curation, conducting desktop literature reviews for previously recorded archaeological sites and historic properties or historic districts, creation of project submittal mapping and other geospatial project deliverables, and report writing and production.