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UWM’s Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is committed to providing education, awareness, and outreach to students, staff, faculty and all affiliated UWM community members. To achieve this goal, we offer an array of presentations, tabling events, programming and many other informational sessions open to the UWM community. As an office, we aim to provide these presentations to various groups on campus.

Below is the list of presentations we currently offer. If you are interested in having ARC present on campus, choose one of our presentation options below. Be sure to read the description of each presentation and fill out all of the information necessary to help us best cater the presentation to your intended audience. Please allow ARC a minimum of two weeks to best cater and plan a presentation specifically to your needs. Currently, we are only able to commit to offering presentations during normal business hours (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) on weekdays but we will consider requests outside of regular business hours.

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Presentation Topics

  • Overview of ARC Services:  A general overview of the ARC office including a review of student population demographics, common accommodations, and the process for students to register and receive accommodations. Specific discussion points may be added as appropriate or by request.
  • Resource Table:  ARC staff members will set up a resource table at your event to answer questions about anything related to access and accommodations at UWM. Supplies such as office give-a-ways and brochures can be made available.
  • Alternate Format:  An overview of how alternate formats can provide equal access, how it is produced and provided, and how instructors can help.
  • Captioned Media:  An overview of how captioned media can provide equal access, how it is produced and provided, and how instructors can help.
  • Assistive Technology:  Information about assistive technologies available to UWM students, an overview of ARC supported note-taking options, and information about magnification and screen reading technologies.
  • Custom:  If you would like a presentation about a topic that is not listed above, please indicate what you would like to learn more about in the “presentation request” form.  ARC will be in contact to specifically cater your presentation to your needs.

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January 8, 2020