Placement Test Accommodations

Requesting Placement Test Accommodations

Students who have been admitted to UWM and need accommodations for their placement tests may arrange them using the following procedure:

  1. Use your epanther ID/password to log into UWM’s test registration system and complete an Accommodation Request.
  2. Contact the appropriate counselor to submit the required documentation and request a review for placement test accommodations.  Please refer to our disability guidelines for additional information on documentation requirements.

Jason Anderson, Mobility Impairments and Deaf/Hard of Hearing or 414-937-5875

Claire DuCharme, Psychological and Systemic Disabilities or 414-229-6730

Aura Hirschman, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Blind and Visual Impairments and Alternative Text Coordinator or 414-229-5660

Haley Branback, Autism Spectrum Disorders             or 414-229-5317

Documentation may be sent via:

Fax to 414-229-2237 (please include the name of the ARC Counselor)

Scan and email directly to ARC Counselor

Mail to: Accessibility Resource Center                                                             ATTN: (Counselor Name)
UWM   P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201

  1. ARC will review your documentation and notify the placement testing office of any accommodations that you are eligible for.
  2. After receiving approval for your accommodations, schedule your placement tests with accommodations during the designated Accommodated Placement testing dates/times at or by calling 414-229-2210.
  3. Follow up with the ARC Counselor within 7 days of submitting documentation if you have not yet received approval.

View the Placement Testing Center’s website for more information.

Please Note: The above procedure is for Placement Test accommodations only. In order to receive accommodations for coursework, students must meet with a disability counselor for an extensive interview and to develop an accommodation plan.

July 2019