Notetaker Orientation and Quiz

Thank you for volunteering to be a notetaker for a student registered with the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC). Your service is greatly appreciated by both the student receiving the notes as well as the Accessibility Resource Center.

To be an ARC notetaker, you will need to apply online, read the orientation, complete the quiz, request a notetaking assignment in ARConnect and submit all required documents for payment within 10 days of accepting a notetaking assignment.

Notetaker and Notetaking Resources

How to Apply to be a Notetaker (video)
How to Request a Notetaking Assignment (video)
How to Upload Notes (video)
Notetaker Responsibilities (PDF)
OneNote Tutorials and Video Training (external website)

Notetaker Orientation

Taking Notes

Take clear and concise notes during the class session. Please try to incorporate the suggestions from the Tips for Good Notetaking in your notes.  Your job is to take notes for the student and provide the notes to the student. Notes should be uploaded to ARConnect within 24 hours of the completion of each class.

Printing off materials from Canvas or D2L and providing this to the student is not sufficient; you should supplement these materials with information presented during lecture and discussion/lab sections.

A notetaker is not a tutor for the student. You may, of course, study with the student if you’d like, but it is not required.

If you are absent

You are still responsible for providing notes for the day(s) you are absent. Work with the instructor or a classmate to obtain a copy of notes while you are absent and upload the notes to ARConnect within 24 hours of the completion of the missed

If you drop the class

If there are any changes in the note-taking arrangement (you drop the class, the services are not needed anymore, etc.) or if you have any questions or concerns about your role as a notetaker, pease email ARC ( as soon as possible.


We encourage notetakers to consider taking notes on a volunteer basis – it could even meet volunteer requirements for certain academic programs.  ARC will provide a Certificate of Volunteer Service hours upon satisfactory completion of notetaking assistance.


  • Regular faculty and staff are not eligible to receive payment.
  • Current student workers should provide the name of the name, phone number and email address of their supervisor and their department name to ARC by emailing
  • New notetakers (new student workers) must complete required forms and submit supporting documentation.
  • ARC will provide a stipend of $40 per credit hour upon satisfactory completion of notetaking assistance.
  • Payments are processed and available approximately 8-10 weeks after the semester ends.
  • Please note that compensation via payment is considered taxable income.

Application Process for Volunteer Notetakers

Application Process for Paid Notetakers

Paid Notetaker Employment Paperwork

All forms and supporting documents must be provided to the Accessibility Resource Center in Mitchell Hall, Room 112 within 10 days of accepting a notetaking assignment.

Bring identification documents (e.g. passport, state or student ID, social security card, birth certificate) with you when you submit the required forms.  Documents must be original and current.

Proceed to the Quiz

When you have successfully completed the quiz, both you and the ARC staff will receive an email confirmation with your quiz results.

Updated:  March 2019