Notetaker Responsibilities

person holding pen and writing into notebookNotetaking accommodations are available for qualified students with disabilities to ensure equal access to class information. Students requiring a notetaker must request and be approved for notetaking services as an accommodation through the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).

  • A notetaking accommodation is not a substitute for a student’s class attendance. *
  • A notetaker is not a tutor for the student.

Become an ARC Notetaker

  1. Submit a notetaker application.
  2. View the orientation video and complete the notetaker quiz.
  3. Submit Employment Paperwork if choosing to receive a stipend.
  4. Request a notetaker assignment by clicking the blue Manage Classes & Upload Notes button below.

Request a Notetaking Assignment

  1. Log into ARC’s online management system, ARConnect using your PantherID and password.
  2. Enter your class schedule. If a student requiring a notetaking accommodation is in your class, the system will automatically identify you as a potential match and we may contact you about this assignment.

Accept an Assignment

person giving thumbs up with blue skies in backgroundOnce you are assigned as a notetaker, you will receive an email from ARC asking you to confirm your acceptance of the assignment by clicking the appropriate link in the email.

Confirm acceptance within 2 days of receiving the email or the system will automatically search for another match. (If the class has a lab or discussion, the notetaker from lecture will serve as the notetaker for the lab/discussion.)

  1. Choose if you will work as a Volunteer or if you would like to Receive a Stipend. You must have submitted employment paperwork in order to receive the stipend.
  2. Identify a back-up notetaker in the case you are absent from class one day. If you miss a class, you are still responsible for providing notes. Identifying a back-up notetaker will ensure notes are taken and uploaded within 24 hours of the missed class. Printing off materials from Canvas and providing this to the student is not sufficient. Remember to keep your back-up notetaker informed of your absence so there is no disruption with the notetaking accommodation.
  3. Begin uploading notes into ARConnect.

Upload Class Notes

  1. Notes must be uploaded within 24 hours of the completion of a class in order to receive volunteer credit or a stipend.
  2. Notes must be uploaded in an electronic format (e.g. Word doc or PDF) through ARConnect (Manage Classes & Upload Notes) for the ARC student to receive them.
  3. Scanners available at each campus or you may use a mobile scanning app to convert handwritten notes to an electronic format. Information about location of the scanners and free scanner apps is available under Notetaker Resources.

Request Notetaking Assignment

*Photo of thumbs up by Muhamad Reza Junianto on Unsplash