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Thank you for volunteering to be a notetaker for a student registered with the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC). Your service is greatly appreciated by both the student receiving the notes as well as the Accessibility Resource Center.

Notetaker Orientation (Video)

Notetaker Orientation (Text)

Notetaking accommodations are available for qualified students with disabilities to ensure equal access to class information.  Students requiring a notetaker must request and be approved for notetaking services as an accommodation through the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).  A notetaking accommodation is not a substitute for class attendance.

Volunteering to be an ARC notetaker has a number of benefits.  Volunteer service looks great on a resume and demonstrates your commitment to seeing a task through.  Potential employers may also recognize the level of responsibility involved in your volunteer service.  Many students who served as ARC notetakers have reported taking better notes because they are aware that someone else is depending on them.  Taking better notes can help you be more successful in your classes!

To become an ARC notetaker, you need to view this orientation video, successfully complete a notetaker quiz and submit an online notetaker application.  The next steps involve requesting a notetaking assignment in an online accommodation management system called ARConnect and choosing a compensation method.  Once you are assigned as a notetaker, you need to confirm that you accept the assignment, identify a back-up notetaker and submit employment paperwork if you choose to receive a stipend.  When class begins, start uploading notes to ARConnect.

If you haven’t already, compete the online notetaking application at  Requesting a notetaking assignment in ARConnect involves entering your class schedule.  If a student requiring a notetaking accommodation is in your class, the system will automatically identify a potential match and we may contact you for an assignment. If you have questions or need guidance on either of these processes, please view the video tutorials available at–resources

When you are matched with an ARC student using a notetaking accommodation, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your acceptance of the assignment.  Confirm your acceptance by clicking on the appropriate link in the email.  You must respond within 2 days or the system will automatically look elsewhere for a notetaker.  At this point, you need to also choose a compensation method, which is to volunteer your services or receive a stipend of $40 per credit hour.  Again, if you have questions or need guidance on either of these processes, please view the video tutorials available from the ARConnect Resources web page.

Students are encouraged to consider taking notes on a volunteer basis.  Serving as a volunteer notetaker could meet volunteer requirements for academic programs.  Volunteer notetakers will receive a certificate from ARC verifying the number of class credit hours volunteered approximately 8-10 weeks after the semester ends.

Students who choose to receive payment for taking notes will receive a stipend of $40 per credit hour.  An extra credit hour, $40, is available when a student is taking notes for more than one ARC student in the same class.  For example, a notetaker will earn $120 for a 3-credit class with 1 ARC student and $160 for a 3-credit class with 2 ARC students.  Paid notetakers will receive a direct deposit payment from ARC approximately 8-10 weeks after the semester ends.

Faculty and staff (TA’s) are not eligible to receive payment. Notetakers must complete and submit employment paperwork within 10 days of confirming a notetaking assignment.  Required paperwork includes:  Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll, Emergency Contact Information, Employee Self-Identification Form, Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9), Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4), Links to the forms are available from the ARC Notetakers web page

When you submit your paperwork, be sure to bring identification documents such as passport, state or student ID, social security card, birth certificate with you.  Identification must be original and current.  Remember, you need also to identify a back-up notetaker for when you are absent from class.    Keep the back-up notetaker informed in your absence so there is no disruption with the notetaking accommodation.

Notes must be uploaded through ARConnect for the arc student to receive them.  You can use scanners at each campus or mobile scanning apps to convert handwritten notes to an electronic format.  Information about the location of scanners at each campus and free scanner apps are available on the ARC Notetakers web page.  Notes must be uploaded within 24 hours of the completion of class.  Upload the notes at the ARConnect web page.

Student workers employed elsewhere on campus need only submit a copy of the I-9 Form from their current position within 10 days of accepting the notetaking assignment.  No additional paperwork is required for employment. Student workers will receive a direct deposit payment in the account on file with their current department for notetaking.  The payment from ARC will occur approximately 8-10 weeks after the semester ends.

Following are some tips for good notetaking:

Be on time.  Many professors give important information during the first five or ten minutes of class. Be unbiased.  Do not interject your opinions in the notes. Do not include homework or components of individual learning. Include the class name and date on the first page and page numbers on all subsequent pages.

If you provide handwritten notes, please write legibly and make sure the electronic copy of your handwritten notes is readable. Include as much information as possible.  If there is class participation, try to summarize the discussion in your notes.  Include examples given by the instructor and how it relates to text or visual information Example. slide 3, chart on page 316, the answer to problem 2.1

Leave blanks if you are unsure or miss something.  Fill in the missing information or ask the instructor for clarification later. If you are not sure of the spelling, write sp? above the word and correct the spelling later if needed. Include white space and use formatting such as bold, bullet points, or adding a symbol to emphasize important words or phrases

Note technical terms that may show up on an exam and include abbreviations with expansions (example. dept = department). Your instructor is the subject and content expert.  Please ask the instructor if you need clarification about information in the notes. Check in with the student after the first few weeks to ask if any modifications are needed.  Include a request for feedback in your uploaded Week 4 notes along with the email address to receive the feedback.

What do I do if I miss a class?  You are still responsible for providing notes even when you are absent. Identify a back-up notetaker as soon as you accept the notetaking assignment and make sure the notes are uploaded within 24 hours of the missed class. Printing off materials from Canvas and providing this to the student is not sufficient; you and the back-up notetaker should supplement these materials with information presented during lecture and discussion or lab sections.

If a class has a lab or discussion section, the notetaker for the lecture will serve as the notetaker for the lab and/or discussion.  A notetaker is not a tutor for the student.  You may, of course, study with the student if you’d like but it is not required.  If you have questions or concerns or if there are changes in your notetaking assignment (such as you drop the class), email ARC asap at

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When you have successfully completed the quiz, both you and ARC will receive an email confirmation with your quiz results.

2019 ARC Notetaker Quiz

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible University experience for all students. Your volunteer work helps makes this happen. Thank you for signing up to be a Notetaker and for taking this quiz.

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