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Accessibility Training for Instructors

Accessibility Training for Instructors is a self-paced training developed by the Accessibility Resource Center and the Center for Excellence in Teaching to provide UWM instructors the resources and training they need to support students with disabilities and to make their course accessible for all students.

  • Just-in-time resources including practical suggestions to help instructors design their course to better meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities
  • Earn the “UWM Certificate in Accessibility for Instructors” sponsored by the Office of the Provost

Earning the certificate is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to teaching and to our students at the university!

Accommodation Guidelines

Providing access to a diverse student population is embedded in the philosophy of UWM.  We recognize disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to the campus community.  To this end, ARC collaborates with students, faculty and staff to create an equitable and inclusive learning environment.  We promote and facilitate awareness and access through training, partnerships, innovative programs and accommodations.  ARC is available to provide training to departments and individuals as requested.

Click here to view the Accommodation Guidelines for Faculty and Staff.


ARC has transitioned to an online data management system called ARConnect. The “VISA” is no longer used and has been replaced by an “Accommodation Plan.”  Students can manage their accommodations online through ARConnect, including scheduling tests in ARC.  Faculty and instructional staff will receive a notification of accommodation that includes a link to an alternative testing agreement.  Faculty are required to respond and complete a testing agreement before students can schedule an exam with ARC.  More information is available on the Faculty FAQ page.

A video tutorial (approximately 6-minutes) is also available:  Alternative Testing for Faculty and Instructional Staff.

Media Captioning

ARC can assist with captioning media when a student enrolled in your course is eligible for the accommodation of captioned media.  Captioned media resources, helpful hints and other information is available on the Media Captioning web page.

Academic Flexibility

Assignment Due Date Consideration (instructor consultation required)

The student must initiate a conversation (preferably in advance) regarding each individual assignment due date extension request. Instructor and student should mutually agree upon a reasonable extension; the ARC counselor can provide input and guidance. The instructor, student, and ARC counselor (if needed) should use the assignment due date consideration guidelines to determine the extent of flexibility that can be granted.

Attendance Consideration (instructor consultation required)

Student may miss class due to disability related reasons; student will be in close contact with instructor (preferably in advance) to discuss this modification request. The instructor and student and ARC counselor (when needed) should use the attendance consideration guidelines to determine the extent of flexibility that can be granted.

ARC Excellence Award

The ARC Excellence Award is intended to recognize instructional and other UWM staff members who demonstrate exemplary services to ARC students and staff.

Presentation of ARC Excellence Awards are May 8, 2020.  View nomination criteria and submit nomination form.

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