ARConnect Faculty FAQ

ARC uses an online data management system called ARConnect. The “IAP” is no longer used and has been replaced by an “Accommodation Plan.”  Students can manage their accommodations online through ARConnect.

1. Without the IAP (Individualized Accommodation Plan), how will I know that a student is approved for accommodations? 

Students meet with an ARC Counselor to develop an accommodation plan.  The “Accommodation Plan” replaces the IAP.  Students receive an email of a PDF copy of the accommodation plan and can access a print copy of it in their ARConnect profile.  The ARC continues to encourage students to share their accommodation plan with you and to work closely with you when making accommodation arrangements.  A sample copy of the Accommodation Plan (Eligibility Letter) is available on the ARC website.

Approximately one to four weeks before the semester begins (if the student is registered for classes and has selected accommodations for their classes), you will receive a “Faculty Notification Letter” via email from the ARC.

The email will read that it is from Accessible Information Management on behalf of [ARC Counselor].  The subject will include the course name and number with “Notification of Disability Accommodations.”  A sample copy of the Faculty Notification Letter is available on the ARC website.

The notification letter will include a link to an online testing agreement if the student is approved for alternative testing services.  FAQ #3 includes more information about the online testing agreement and changes to the alternative testing process.

2.  What, if anything, do I need to do when a student has the accommodation of e-text/alternative text?

Regarding textbooks –

Your student, with the alternative text accommodation, has the responsibility to request textbooks from ARC in an alternate format. As long as you have provided all of the students in your course with the information on the required textbook(s), then likely that is all that you need to do. We recommend that the required textbook information be provided at least 4 weeks prior to class start date.

Regarding readings –

If there are readings on Canvas and they are accessible, ARC will not need to do anything with the readings for a student with alternative text. (If you can highlight within the document, it is accessible and searchable.) If the readings are “scanned” or otherwise not accessible, ARC can assist. (A UWM resource with information about PDF accessibility is the Essential Accessibility Considerations (& Resources) for Instructional Materials.) If scanned PDF’s are the only way that readings/articles can be shared, ARC can work together with you a couple of ways:

  • You can send the articles/readings by emailing or on OneDrive. Please let us know the sequence for the assigned readings and dates that they are needed for the student. If we can do all at once, this is ideal.
  • You can also provide access to your class Canvas site, but we will still need a quick reference to the sequence for the assigned readings and dates that they are needed for the student.

3.  Do I still need to complete the “Alternative Testing Form” for students who will test in the ARC?

No.  We no longer use a paper form.  You will need to complete an online testing agreement and exam instructions through ARConnect.

3a.  What is the Testing Agreement and when would I need to complete it?   

An online testing agreement is an agreement between you and the ARC that specifies the details of all exams associated with your class.  Note that only one agreement is required per class. You may have several students in your class eligible for alternative testing and will receive a letter for each student but only one testing agreement is required per course.

The preferred location for the administration of an exam is within your department. If you do not have the resources (quiet testing room, staff to proctor extended time), or when technology and/or a format change is required for the student to take the exam, then the student may take the exam at the ARC.

A response to the testing agreement is required for all classes.  Please specify, “I will proctor my own exams” when you intend to proctor tests in class or within your department or when a test is administered through Canvas.  Please specify “My class has no exam” if there are no tests in the class.

A complete testing agreement is required for tests administered in the ARC. Students cannot schedule exams at the ARC until the online testing agreement is complete.

A sample copy of the Alternative Testing Agreement is available on the ARC website.

3b.  How will the new online process differ from the old paper process?

The old process required students to submit an “Alternative Testing Request Form” to their instructors for each exam.  As the instructor, you were required to complete the form with detailed directions and the student would return the paper form to ARC.  This process was repeated several times throughout the semester; which ARC acknowledges was a tedious and time-consuming process for both instructors and students.

The new process is streamlined and involves completion of an online testing agreement and an online form in which you can specify the conditions of the exam.  You will receive a link to the online testing agreement in the Faculty Notification Letter.

3c.  How will students arrange to take their test in ARC?

If the testing agreement is complete, students will schedule their exams through ARConnect.  You will receive an email notification from ARConnect when the student schedules an exam.  The notification will include a link to an online form where you can specify the conditions of the exam.

3d.  How do I deliver my test to ARC?

Instructors are encouraged to upload exams securely through ARConnect though paper delivery and email delivery is still an option.  Delivery of an exam should occur no later than 48-hours before the exam time to ensure adequate time for reformatting, if needed.

3e.  Can I upload multiple exams and add additional notes when delivering the exam through ARConnect?

Yes. The upload feature will allow you to upload multiple individual files.  You may also provide any updated instructions on the “Exam File Note” when you upload the exam.

Acceptable file types: .rtf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx

3f.  How do I know my file has been successfully uploaded? 

You will receive a message confirming a successful upload of your exam.

4. Who do I contact if I have additional questions? 

Please contact the ARC at or at 414-229-6287 or the ARC Counselor listed on the Accommodation Plan/Notification Letter.

August 2019