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Selecting Accommodations for Individual Classes

Select Accommodations Text Tutorial
Select Accommodations Video Tutorial

Canceling or Modifying Accommodations for Individual Classes

Modify Accommodations Text Tutorial
Modify Accommodations Video Tutorial

Viewing Your Faculty Notification Letters

Faculty Notification Text Tutorial
Faculty Notification Video Tutorial

Alternative Formats

Alternative Formats Text Tutorial
Alternative Formats Video Tutorial


Schedule Exam in ARC Text Tutorial
Schedule Exam in ARC Video Tutorial

Modify Exam Schedule Text Tutorial
Modify Exam Schedule Video Tutorial

Notetaking Accommodation

View Notes

View Notes Text Tutorial (coming soon)
View Notes Video Tutorial

Peer Notetakers

Apply to be a Notetaker

Apply to be a Notetaker Text Tutorial
Apply to be a Notetaker Video Tutorial

Request Notetaking Assignment

Request Notetaking Assignment Text Tutorial (coming soon)
Request Notetaking Assignment Video Tutorial

Upload Notes

Upload Notes Text Tutorial (coming soon)
Upload Notes Video Tutorial


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