Payment Policy for Support Services

The Policy on Accessibility Resource Center Services
Payment for Support Services at UWM

The function of the Accessibility Resource Center is to offer a wide range of support services which meet the needs of students with many different types of disabilities.  The goal is to create an inclusive campus environment that provides equal access to the University’s programs and services.

ARC is authorized to provide, to assist in locating, and to pay (if necessary) only for individual academic support services for a student with a documented disability who is:

  • enrolled in UWM, either full-time or part-time, on either a credit or an audit basis
  • officially registered with the ARC office

These academic support services are provided only for activities which are undertaken as part of scheduled classes and which have been requested with ample notification. Payment for such services as assistance associated with home study, outside writing of class papers, travel to and from campus, or extensive research work is the responsibility of the student.

The ARC office does not provide or pay for accommodations or accessible materials for:

  • public or general presentations, occasions, or performances at UWM
  • seminars or workshops offered for the general public by individual departments or campus organizations
  • general standardized testing offered by UWM Testing Office
  • continuing education or outreach offerings for the general public
  • services for disabled members of the general public, or unadmitted/unenrolled disabled students
  • any event not directly connected with an individual student’s registered classes

If such accommodations or materials become necessary, they will be the responsibility of the UWM department or office sponsoring the activity. The ARC office will assist UWM departments by giving information and advice on resources or accommodations.

July 2019