ARC Excellence Award Winners

The ARC Excellence Award recognizes instructional staff members who demonstrate exemplary service to ARC students and staff.

If someone you know deserves this recognition, please nominate them with the Excellence Award Nomination Form.

2022 ARC Excellence Award Winners

Instructor NameDepartment or College
Monna Arvinen-BarrowCollege of Health Sciences
Rachel BaumCollege of Letters & Science-Foreign Languages & Literatures
Lisa BergerHelen Bader School of Social Welfare
Marcus BrittonCollege of Letters & Science-Sociology
Lisa CottinghamDepartment of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Amy DeckerPeck School of the Arts
Royce EarnestSchool of Architecture and Urban Planning
Ronald GulottaCollege of General Studies-Social Sciences & Business, Sociology
Daniel HackbarthSchool of Letters & Science-Mathematical Sciences
Kerry HansenCollege of General Studies Student Affairs, TRIO Student Support Services
Jennifer Kahn-PettigrewHelen Bader School of Social Welare
Amanda NealCollege of Letters & Science-Mathematical Studies
Mark NetzloffCollege of Letters & Science-English
Joseph O'HalloranCollege of Letters & Science-Physics
Dimitri TopitzesHelen Bader School of Social Welfare

Previous Excellence Award Winners:


Instructor: Department:
Rachel Baum Center for Jewish Studies
Anne Bonds College of Letters and Science
Christine Carlson College of Letters and Science
Kyle Ebersole College of Health Sciences
Angel Hessel School of Education
Gabriel Lopez Jauregi School of Education
Jamie Kovtun Financial Aid
Molly Ubbesen College of Letters and Science
Haley Zangl University Housing


Instructor: Department:
Dylan Barth Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Kari Dawson University Housing
Erma Green Curriculum and Instruction
Amy Mangrich Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


Instructor: Department:
Matthew Hoeppner Mathematical Sciences
Julie Kailin School of Education
Heather Owen Biological Sciences
Lyndsay Jo Smanz Information Studies
James Tasse Theatre


Instructor: Department:
Lillian Folk Health Informatics and Administration
Adam Hudson Information Studies
Leah Rineck Mathematical Sciences
Sarah Ruder University Relations
Jeb Willenbring Mathematical Sciences


Instructor: Department:
Paul Lyman Physics
Lindsay Timmerman Communication
Beth Traylor Library


Instructor: Department:
Alan Schwabacher Chemistry
Carol Hirschmugl Electrical Engineer
Roger Smith Occupational Science
Gina Szabelwski Geoscience
Robert Wood Physics


Instructor: Department:
Raymond Fleming Psych
Lanlan Han Chemistry/ Biochemistry
Nicole Heinen PASS
Gloria Miller Business Management
Jude Rathburn Business
Jose Torres Social Work
Krislyn World PSOA Dance


Instructor: Department:
Richard Monti FLL/ Latin
Ann Williams Business/ Marketing
Jeanne Wagner Social Work
Margaret Kipp SOIS
Susan Lima Psych
Marion Angeloff ARC


Instructor: Department:
Jonathan Hanes Research
Terrance Newell SOIS
Sueyon Seo Arab & Asian
Jessica Merez PSOA
Mark Mantyh Sociology


Instructor: Department:
Jim Burmeister Assistant Dean PSOA
Fred Helmstetter Psychology
Jenny Wanasek Theatre
Janine Kwapis Psychology
Goda Masri International Education


Instructor: Department:
Lauren Williams Mathematical Sciences
Veronica Luncback FLL/ German
Christine Conelea Psychology
Gina Seegers- Szablewski Geoscience


Instructor: Department:
Robert Balmer Mathematical Engineering
Michael Coon Economics
Magaly Zeise Spanish & Portuguese
Kevin Jahnke UITS/Classroom Support
Paul Gunderson, Dave Nowak UITS


Instructor: Department:
Michael Hero Mathematical Science
Ryan Lefeber Secretary of University
Kimberly Cosier Art
Christopher Sears Mathematics
David Pate Social Work


Instructor: Department:
Min Chen N/A
Richard Marcus Finance
Meredith Reitman Geography
Deborah Renard Educational Psychology


Instructor: Department:
Charles Kraus Art
Beverly Belfer Music
Gloria Freschl Chemistry
Robyn Ridley Psychology


Instructor: Department:
James Tasse Theatre
Katy Mollerud Deans Office
LeeAnn Garrison Art
Mary Randolph-Frye Psychology
Catherine Kaye English as Second Language
Claudia Barreto Biological Science


Instructor: Department:
Jayson Rock Electrical Engineering
Erika Sander Human Movement Science
Kamil Tachmiscioglu Economics
Ahmed Mbalia Africology


Instructor: Department:
Linda Krause Architecture
Harold Hiken Mathematics
Michelle Harrell Washington Library
Judith Rozie-Battle Social Work
Michael Fountain French, Italian, Comp Lit


Instructor: Department:
Helena Pycior History
Joseph Smith Administration
Richard Blau Film
Lenard Levine Electrical Engineering
John Boatman Ethnic Program Studies
Michael Medora Instructional Services


Instructor: Department:
Robert Wood Physics
Kelly Kohlmetz Eng & Math Science
Sally Long Biological Science
Leslie Loomis Vansen Art


Instructor: Department:
Corliss Philabaum PSOA Theater
Theresa Valentino Art
Renee Gratz Healthcare
Brook Burnette-Zacher History