Waukesha County Recycles

Waukesha County Recycles is an application for finding local, convenient recycling, and disposal opportunities no matter where you are. While the most searched categories are listed, users can utilize the search bar to look up how to dispose of or recycle an item. This app will also keep you informed of important local recycling news and events. Detailed information for collection points can be viewed such as directions, phone number, website, hours of operation, and other materials collected.



On this tab, users are able to see the top categories of disposable / recyclable items. Users can also search for specific items to see what category they fall under.

More Details

By selecting a category, the user is navigated to a list of collection points. If a user wants to know more information about a collection point, they may select a row.

Curbside Information

If a user is curious about curbside pickup for recyclables, they can learn more on this page.


If a user navigates to this tab, they will be prompted with a map showing both commercial and public collection points nearby.