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Streets of Old Milwaukee Tour

Take a stroll though the “Streets of Old Milwaukee” exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Choose one of three audio character guides who give their perspective on life in Milwaukee at the turn of the last century (1890-1917). The App detects your location within the exhibit, so that the guide responds to your surroundings. The overarching theme of the exhibit will change periodically -complete with new app guides and stories. There’s always something new in Old Milwaukee! While you can read your guide’s comments, the app is best experienced with headphones (audio playback is disabled if no headphones are attached to preserve other visitors’ experience).



Periodically the theme of the exhibit will change which will bring new guides and stories. This screen is where the user can read about what the current theme is.

Character Selection

On this screen, users are able to see what story guides are available and learn a bit about them. Selecting a character will begin the guide.

Story Screen

Once a tour guide is selected, the story will begin with their introduction. Walking throughout the exhibit will continue the story when you are near the locations described by the tour guide.