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This app allows for the tracking of concussion symptoms for athletes using the SCAT3 checklist. Athletes can have a baseline assessment prior to the beginning of a sport season or have concussion symptoms evaluated when an injury is suspected. Recovery can then be tracked using further assessments if an injury is sustained. The app allows for viewing information about common signs, symptoms and return to work / play guidelines for concussions. The SCAT3 checklist used is from the 2012 Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport.


Adding Athletes

By adding an athlete, a baseline for the season and any incidents can then be tracked.

Athlete List

On this page, the user can see a list of the athletes they are tracking. If a user would like to learn more about concussion tracking, they can visit the Info section.


When a user visits the Information section, they are prompted with topics and can drill deeper to learn more.

Return To Play

On this page the user is able to see the stages of returning to play for an athlete.