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Our mobile app development team brings cutting-edge skills and innovative ideas to the creation of mobile app solutions for the university and our external clients.

The NIMBLE app organizes the brain metastasis protocol using a branching structure, much like a choose your own adventure book. The protocol grid’s algorithm has dozens of potential outcomes, but the app easily organizes the information with four questions, each having multiple possible answers. Based on the user’s answers to each question, the app narrows down possible treatment options until it is able to present a treatment recommendation for any given case.
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The NeuroMapper App is an interoperative digital testing suite used during tumor removal and other extra-operative cases. Researchers can use the app’s standardized testing strategy on patients but also have the flexibility to adapt to patient needs by introducing new, web-hosted testing stimuli with just a few clicks.
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The UWM Photo Archive is designed to meet the needs of a modern university. The app allows communications and IT professionals for the university at large to store and access photos, and also includes private photo collections so that individual schools, colleges and administrative units can store their proprietary images.
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