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Base Deficit Calculator

This app is similar to other arterial blood gas applications, however with a base deficit-centered approach to solve acid-base abnormalities. This calculator is an ideal tool for practicing physicians, fellows, residents, medical students, advanced practice providers, and nurses who need to be able to interpret the base deficit number. With the requirement of only pH, PaCO2 and base deficit, this app simplifies the calculation process. Additional values can be entered to return a more complete analysis, such as Na, Cl, Lactate, Albumin, and Cr. Results can also be saved in an unidentified manner and graphed for a more visual review.


Parameter Input

This page allows the user to enter in values for various parameters and run the calculation.

Calculation Results

On this page, the user will see the results from the calculations using values from the previous page.

Tracking Patient Samples

Multiple samples for unidentified patients can be saved on this page for viewing in a graphical display.


Using the stored samples of the patients, graphs can be viewed to see trends in a more visual manner.