UWM Archaeological Field School: May 30-July 8, 2017

The UWM Archaeological Field School will return to the Crescent Bay Hunt Club for our 10th excavation season, and to Koshkonong Creek Village for our 5th year of excavation. In addition to our excavations, we will conduct survey at several nearby sites along the northwest shore of Lake Koshkonong. We continue our long-term research into Oneota agricultural village life in southern Wisconsin.

The sites were occupied circa A.D. 1050-1400 and have yielded evidence for settled agricultural life including wigwam-style houses, longhouses, dozens of food preparation and food storage facilities, and tremendous amounts of Oneota-style ceramics, stone tools, and copper implements. We will focus our research this year on the spatial relationship of the houses, pit features, and activity areas within the Crescent Bay Hunt Club and Koshkonong Creek Village sites. Methods and techniques that students will learn include survey of cultivated fields, shovel testing, test unit excavation, and feature excavation.

For more information, see … Archaeological Field School 2017 Flyer

If interested in participating in the field school, contact jeske@uwm.edu