UWM 2019 Alumni Survey Results

Pride. Connections. Networking. Reputation of school.

The words most frequently cited when asked about the importance of being a UWM alum. It’s just one of the many insights we learned from the UWM Alumni Association’s (UWMAA) 2019 in-depth alumni attitude survey. You’ll find a snapshot of the results below.

But, before we share more, thank you to all who took the time to share their thoughts!

Survey Distribution and Response

The survey was distributed to all alumni with a valid email address in our database, as well as a random sample of 20,000 alumni with no email address on file. We received 2,315 completed surveys, making the results accurate within a range of plus-or-minus 2 percent.

Survey results were presented on campus to internal and external stakeholders on September 9, 2019, and also appear in the 2019 UWM Alumni Magazine. They will also be distributed to alumni via email and UWMAA social media. Survey findings will help shape the Association’s comprehensive strategic plan, beginning this fall.

A snapshot of results…sharing the good news about UWM!

We were delighted to learn that:

  • 93% of alumni rated their current opinion of UWM as good or great
  • 91% rated their UWM student experience as good or great
  • 91% of alumni promote UWM to others

Overwhelmingly, alumni agree that UWM provided an environment that is welcoming to people of all genders, all sexual orientations, all backgrounds, and those who voiced ideas that were different than the norm.

Communications from the Alumni Association and University are well-received and welcomed – including the annual UWM Alumni Magazine, alumni emails, social media presence, and invitations to events. Nearly 35% would welcome additional invitations and social media posts and 18% would enjoy more frequent email communications.

Room for Improvement

The UWM Alumni Association has an opportunity to be more involved on campus. UWMAA can help improve the overall student experience by partnering with:

  • Professional and career-related organizations
  • Academic clubs or student organizations
  • Community service opportunities
  • Residence halls

Many alumni would welcome more invitations to alumni activities and a greater presence on UWMAA social media sites, as well as sharing outcomes from events.

UWMAA can better help alumni:

  • Serve as ambassadors in promoting UWM to others
  • Help identify job opportunities for graduates
  • Mentor students
  • Recruit students
  • Network with other UWM alumni

You may find complete survey insights by viewing the 2019 UWM Alumni Survey Executive Summary here

Thank you again to all who participated in the survey!