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Alumni chapters are extensions of the UWM Alumni Association, organized and managed by alumni leaders to support and advance the UWMAA, the University, and their missions. Getting involved in a chapter offers significant benefits such as professional and social networking, developing leadership skills, supporting current UWM students and promoting UWM’s reach to prospective students, and spreading Panther Pride and carrying on UWM traditions.

Black & Gold Level College and Interest-Based Chapters

View the Black & Gold Level Requirements here.

 Lubar School of Business
 Kyle Stephens, President
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 Engineering & Applied Science
 Sara Padarath `10, President
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 Health Sciences
 Eric Jukkala `08, President
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 Master of Public Administration
 Katelynn Schmitt `14, President
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 Urban Planning

 Kori Schneider Pergrine, President

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 Panther Varsity Club
 Chris Jenkyns `14, President
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Panther Pride Level College and Affinity-Based Chapters

View the Panther Pride Level Requirements here.

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 Freshwater Sciences  facebook_icon  twitter_icon
Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
 Angie Brunhart `97, President
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 Grant Heffelfinger `12, President
Latino Barbara  Edrich Ramos, President  facebook_icon  linkedin_icon  twitter_icon
 Lizzie Dellemann `11, President
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Alumni Chapter Annual Registration Form

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Chapter Expectations

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Event Essentials

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Alumni Event Request Form
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Alumni Post-Event Form
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Email Marketing & Communications

Marketing Request Form
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