Graduate Courses

Spring 2017 Course Descriptions

Courses numbered 300-699 are Undergraduate/Graduate, while those numbered 700 and above are Graduate only. Additional courses that do not appear below are under development and will be made available soon.

AFRICOL 102 - Seminar in Urban Doctoral Research (1-3 units; G)
For students in PhD in urban education who are developing a dissertation. Identification and delineation of dissertation topics, research designs, instrumentations, and procedures. Prereq: admis to phd in urban educ.
AFRICOL 192 - Race and Inequality (3 units; G)
Discrimination and racial inequality along socio-economic dimensions. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 199 - Information Design (3 units; U/G)
Development of technical communication projects for external clients, applying theories from graphic design, usability, cognitive psychology, and technical communication. Prereq: jr st; English 205(P), 206(P), or 207(P), or cons instr.
AFRICOL 299 - CEAS Graduate Seminar (1-3 units; G)
Seminar in professional ethics, oral and written communication, contemporary social issues, career development, time management, and laboratory safety. Civ Eng 700, CompSci 700, ElecEng 700, Ind Eng 700, MatlEng 700 & MechEng 700 are jointly offered and count as repeats of one another Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 312 - Literacy 3: Introduction to New Literacies (3 units; U/G)
Examines research based processes for literacy instruction, effects of and approaches for the use of technology on literacy development. Prereq: jr st, admis to SOE, & CurrIns 537(P); or cons instr.
AFRICOL 314 - Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (3 units; U/G)
Functional and structural alterations in nervous system underlying organism's ability to learn/remember. Principles drawn from molecular and cellular neurobiology, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and behavioral neuroscience. Systems course. Counts as repeat of Psych 611 w/same topic. Prereq: jr st.
AFRICOL 320 - Obesity and Weight Management (3 units; U/G)
Examination of the epidemiology of obesity, genetic and environmental contributors, body weight regulation, health and psychosocial consequences, and approaches to assessment, prevention, and treatment. Counts as repeat of Kin 590 with same topic. Prereq: jr st; grade of C or better in BMS 232(P) or Nutr 235(P).
AFRICOL 322 - Peace Education (3 units; U/G)
Discusses how education and community education can address the threats of violence and prepares students to teach about peace, nonviolence, and conflict resolution. Prereq: jr st or cons instr. Minimum of 9 hrs Soc Sci division course work.
AFRICOL 326 - The History of Poverty in America (3 units; U/G)
Social welfare policies and programs (including evolution of social work profession), 1620-present, in light of major developments in American social and intellectual history. Prereq: jr st; satisfaction of GER English Composition competency req.
AFRICOL 334 - Public Health Microbiology (2 units; U/G)
The role of microbiological analysis in public health and the current techniques for detecting, identifying, and enumerating pathogenic microorganisms. Prereq: jr st & Bio Sci 383(303)(P), or grad st; or cons instr.
AFRICOL 341 - Theories and Methods in Empirical Research in Africology (3 units; G)
Applicability of particular empirical theories and qualitative/quantitative methods to a range of substantive problems and issues pertaining to peoples of African descent. Prereq: grad st; approp upper-level math or stats course
AFRICOL 344 - Investment Management Practice II (3 units; U/G)
Students manage an investment portfolio utilizing the David O. Nicholas Applied Finance Lab. Topics include securities selection, portfolio hedging, behavioral finance, and financial market events. Prereq: jr st, admis to Investment Mgmt Cert program & Bus Adm 552(P); or grad st, admis to Investment Mgmt Cert program & Bus Adm 552(P).
AFRICOL 351 - Economic Analysis for Managers (3 units; G)
Production and pricing in different market environments, strategic decision-making, optimal incentives and procurement, regulatory issues, environmental issues, and economics of information. Prereq: grad st; BusMgmt 709(C).
AFRICOL 352 - Introduction To Academic Life (1 units; G)
Overview of research, teaching, and service roles in higher education, including legal and ethical issues, the academic job market, and the tenure/promotion process. Designed for students contemplating careers in academic institutions. Prereq: grad st.
AFRICOL 369 - Technical Documentation (3 units; U/G)
Theory, methods, and practice in writing clear, concise technical instructions; audience analysis, customer requirements, information architecture, training materials, web projects, and emerging technology discussion topics. Prereq: jr st; English 206(P) & 435(P) or cons instr.
AFRICOL 372 - Institutions and Culture of Contemporary France (3 units; U/G)
Major political, social, cultural and economic forces shaping France today. France within the European Union and the Francophone world. Prereq: jr st; French 325(P); one add'l 300-level French course or cons instr.
AFRICOL 418 - Advanced Research Methods in Information Studies (3 units; G)
Advanced treatment of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and their applications in information studies. Practice in developing, analyzing and appraising examples of research. Prereq: grad st; InfoSt(L&I Sci) 501(P), 511(531)(C), 571(C), 591(P), or cons instr.
AFRICOL 450 - Evidence for Practice I (3 units; U/G)
Introduction to research methods and measurement in occupational therapy with a focus on the scientific process and evidence. Prereq: sr st or grad st in OT prog.
AFRICOL 451 - Rites of Passage in Black Societies (3 units; U/G)
Foundations of the use of rites of passage in different societies throughout Africa and the African diaspora. Prereq: jr st.
AFRICOL 497 - Study Abroad: (1-12 units; U/G)
Designed to enroll students in UWM sponsored program before course work level, content, and credits are determined and/or in specially prepared program course work. Retakable w/chg in topic. Prereq: jr st; acceptance for Study Abroad Prog.
AFRICOL 545 - Raising Children, 'Race-ing' Children (3 units; U/G)
Analysis of the social meaning of race in the US through the lens of childhood and adolescence; how children come to understand and navigate racism. Counts as a repeat of Africol 565 w/similar topic. Prereq: jr st or grad st.
AFRICOL 565 - Selected Texts/Topics in Africology: (3 units; U/G)
Examination of selected problems, issues, and themes in Africology. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max. Prereq: jr st.
AFRICOL 700 - Historical/Comparative Linguistics (3 units; U/G)
The study of language change; introduction to internal reconstruction and the comparative method; generative approaches to historical change. Prereq: jr st & Linguis 350(P); or grad st & cons instr.
AFRICOL 705 - Teaching Experience II (1-12 units; U/G)
Placement with exceptional education teacher. Focus on small group instruction, understanding teaching responsibilities and collaboration. On-the-job option available through application. May be retaken to 15 cr max. Prereq: jr st; admis to cert prog in ExcEduc; or cons instr.
AFRICOL 708 - Critical Literary Theory I: Cultural Roots of Africological Literary Theory (3 units; G)
Exploitation and oppression as primary sources of Africological literary theory; cultural components include identity, enemy, objective, strategy, and tactics. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 709 - Critical Literary Theory II: Modern Concepts in the African World (3 units; G)
Intensive examination of cardinal elements in critical literary theory in the context of ideas and behaviors that have shaped the lives of Africans and their descent historically. Prereq: grad st; Africol 708(P)
AFRICOL 799 - Graduate Independent Study (1-3 units; G)
Independent work supervised by a member of the graduate faculty. Retakable w/ chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.
AFRICOL 800 - Quality Controls and Accountability for Community-Based Organizations (3 units; U/G)
Introduction to quality controls and accountability tools that community-based organizations need in an era of increased accountability. Prereq: jr st.
AFRICOL 812 - Political Economy: Conceptual (3 units; G)
Advanced analysis of varieties of conceptual frameworks in the literature of political economy. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 814 - Public Policies, Development, and Underdevelopment in Africa & the Diaspora (3 units; G)
Investigation into public policy and development in Africa and the Diaspora. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 816 - Political Economy of Development in African Countries (3 units; G)
The importance of political institutions in shaping economic performance to advance understanding of economic development in the context of sub-Saharan African countries. Prereq: grad st.
AFRICOL 818 - Race Matters: Government and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean (3 units; G)
Presence, role, status, situation, and conditions of Afro-Americans (Afro-Latins and Afro-Caribbeans) in the Americas, from the federal republic of Mexico to the Argentine republic. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 834 - Seminar on Slavery (3 units; G)
Culture and political economy of slavery; historical context for American slavery; slavery as political and economic issue; social-psychology of slavery; persistence of slavery's legacies. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 836 - Comparative Social Institutions in African World Communities (3 units; G)
Origins, nature, and functioning of social institutions in African world communities; continuity and change; development of community and cultural identities of Africans and their descendents; theoretical/analytical approaches. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 837 - Memory and Tradition: Identity-Making and Memory in the African Diaspora (3 units; G)
Role of memory and tradition in forming collective and individual identities in the African Diaspora; symbolic value and functional aspects; focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 840 - Healing Traditions in the African Diaspora (3 units; G)
Advanced study of healing traditions, practices, and rituals throughout the African Diaspora. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 845 - Race/Ethnicity and the Psychology of Oppression (3 units; G)
Psychological processes involved in creating and sustaining oppressive societies; emphasis on the role of racism societally and the impact of oppression on individuals and groups. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 851 - African-American Literary Theory and Criticism (3 units; G)
An intensive study of historical and contemporary trends in African-American literary criticism and theory. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 852 - Folklore in the African World: (3 units; G)
A close scrutiny of a particular forms of folk literature of people of African descent. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max. Prereq: grad st.
AFRICOL 862 - Development of African-American Children in Urban and Rural Areas (3 units; G)
Developmental processes facing African-American children, including identity development and racial socialization, impact of environment, notion of "a single African-American identity;" theories and methodological approaches. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 865 - The Quest for Pan-Africanism (3 units; G)
History and future motion of movement to create a united Africa; political, economic, and social barriers to unification; united Africa in the global community. Prereq: grad st
AFRICOL 866 - Studies in Irish-American Literature: (3 units; U/G)
Poetry, novels, short stories, plays or a combination of genre by Irish-American writers studied against dual background of Irish and American culture. Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: jr st; satisfaction of GER English Composition competency req.
AFRICOL 867 - Studies in Literary Genres and Modes: (3 units; U/G)
Literary genres and modes from at least one international cultural context. Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: jr st.
AFRICOL 880 - Seminar on Issues in Africology: (3 units; G)
Research seminar on issues of interest in Africology. Prereq: grad st.
AFRICOL 888 - Cities and Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece (3 units; U/G)
Development of Greek urban and religious architecture from Archaic through Hellenistic times. The growth of such centers as Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Paestum, Priene, and Pergamon. Prereq: jr st.
AFRICOL 990 - Dissertation Research (1-3 units; G)
Research or dissertation work for students in the doctoral program. Retakable as necessary to complete the dissertation. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.