Multicultural Student Offices and Center

The Multicultural Student Offices and Center (MSOC) are staffed by Multicultural Student Success Coordinators and are listed in SSC Campus as a Coach (MSSC Coach).

Undergraduate students who identifies as fully or partially as one or more of the following [African American/Black; American Indian/Alaskan Native; Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx; and/or Southeast Asian (Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese, Hmong)] are assigned one or more MSSC Coach as an additional support team member(s).

MSSC Coaches provides guidance and/or support in the following areas throughout your entire academic career at UWM:

  • Initial admission process
  • Support that is culturally sensitive
  • Connections to campus & community resources
  • Financial aid process
  • Career exploration & planning
  • Multicultural student advocacy
  • Celebrations of student successes

We have three offices and one center under the MSOC, all located on the first floor of Bolton Hall:

African American Student Services

  • Dedicated to collaboratively strengthen and sustain an inclusive campus for African American and Black Diaspora students at UWM, rooted in social justice, racial justice, equity, and inclusion.

American Indian Student Services

  • Our goal is to assist and support American Indian students and to help make our communities stronger by providing personalized support services, helping you realize your educational goals, and make your UWM experience a fulfilling one.

Roberto Hernández Center*:

  • Our fully bilingual staff is dedicated to serving Latino/a/x students at UWM as well as the Latino/a/x population of southeastern Wisconsin since 1970.

Southeast-Asian American Student Services

  • To recruit Southeast Asian-American students to UWM and to provide culturally sensitive supportive services that are essential for them to successfully achieve their educational goals at UWM.