UWM Terms You Should Know


Colleges campuses are full of abbreviations, acronyms, and terms that are not often used anywhere else. Use this glossary to become familiar with the acronyms and terms commonly used at UWM.

  • Canvas – Canvas is an online learning environment for UWM where your course instructors will post course content for you to review or complete.
  • CPaRC – Career Planning and Resource Center. This center is available to UWM students and alumni, wherever you are in the career process – from selecting a major to applying for professional jobs.
  • Credit Hour – A credit hour is a unit of measure that represents an hour of instruction that can be applied to the total number of hours needed for completing the requirements of your degree. (For the recommended 15 credit hours, you are expected to spend 45 hours each week on academic activities.)
  • D2L – Desire2Learn. D2L is an online learning environment for UWM where your course instructors may post course content for you to review or complete.
  • FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Tool to apply for federal aid.
  • GER – General Education Requirement. These are the courses that all students need to complete while here at UWM.
  • IEC – Inclusive Excellence Center. This office is open to all students and primarily dedicated to working with and promoting diversity, equity, and social justice on campus.
  • Multicultural Student Centers and Offices – These spaces are in Bolton Hall and are a collective of offices staffed by Multicultural Student Success Coordinators that enhance the learning and success of African American, American Indian, Latinx, and Southeast Asian students.
  • Navigate – Website where you can check course Progress Reports and schedule advising appointments.
  • OCA – Office of Central Advising.
  • Office Hours – Office Hours are times when you can meet with your professors and teaching assistants to discuss the material being presented in class or other related questions and interests that you have.
  • One Stop – Website where you can find information about enrollment, finances, credits and transcripts, and important dates and deadlines on campus.
  • PAWS – Panther Access to Web Services. PAWS is a website where you will resolve Holds and to-do list items, review financial information, register for classes, and check your final grades.
  • Progress Reports – Your course instructor may provide Progress Reports to update you and your advisor on your course grade or performance. These reports can be found in Navigate.
  • SSC – Student Success Center. The SSC is where you can find study space, meet with your Peer Mentor, and find tutoring resources and support.
  • UWM – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.