What is the Office of Central Advising?

What is the Office of Central Advising (OCA)?

The Office of Central Advising defines and determines policy regarding advising for the campus and includes three main operational areas:

The Academic Opportunity Center (AOC) provides admission and individualized advising to students who need additional academic support.  Some students admitted via the AOC are required to complete the summer Bridge Program prior to their first semester at UWM. Click here to meet AOC advisors.

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally-funded TRIO program that provides academic services and fosters a supportive campus environment in order to retain and graduate low-income, first generation and/or students with disabilities. Click here to meet SSS staff.

Metamajor Advisors work with new freshmen who are undecided about their major or exploring several academic areas within the Metamajor pathways.  Metamajors are broad academic pathways that will give students earlier exposure to all majors that relate to their area of interest.  Research shows that students who follow this type of themed pathway declare a major sooner, make quicker progress to degree, are able to more efficiently fulfill degree requirements, and are retained at higher rates. Metamajor advisors are trained to work closely with undecided students during their first year at UWM to help them select a major they will love. Click here to meet metamajor advisors.

Who is on my support team?

We believe all students need a range of support across the years.  Students will find suggested support staff in SSC and should seek the assistance of all relevant offices.  Please note: Some students are required to see their advisor to register for classes each term.

Login into your SSC Campus account using your e-panther and password. Click link to be directed to the site: Login

Once you are logged in, in the bottom right hand corner, you will see a gray box that reads “Your Support Team”.

When should I visit the staff on my support team?

Students in the AOC Program are required to see their AOC Advisor a minimum of once a month.

Students in the SSS Program are required to meet with their SSS Advisor at minimum twice per month.

Students should meet with their Metamajor advisor at least twice per semester, and more often if needed.

Students should see their school/college advisor once per semester.

How do I know who my Academic Advisor is?

The name of your Academic Advisor appears in PAWS.  Log into PAWS and check the right column on the first page.

What is the difference between Intended and Declared?

Intended means at this point, you are following the curriculum and taking courses or completing the requirements of your major, and planning to declare the major when you are eligible.  Declared means you have formally, in writing, made your choice of major known, and have been accepted into that major.   This normally occurs in your school/college advising office.  Undeclared means you have not yet formally chosen nor been admitted to a major. You should confirm your status by checking SSC.

What happened to the AOC program?

The staff from the AOC program are now part of the OCA, and provide the same services as before.  UWM still admits a similar profile of students who can benefit from this individualized support.  Students formerly part of the AOC who return to UWM, will now be part of the OCA and will be assigned to their former advisor, if possible.  As before, students who meet the requirements of their chosen major area will be assisted to transfer at the appropriate time.

Will staff from the SSS & AOC programs operate as they did in the past?

Yes, both programs will function as normal and both programs report directly to the Director to Office of Central Advising.

Student Support Services (SSS) is funded by the U.S. Department of Education to provide academic support services for eligible students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Academic Opportunity Center (AOC) is an admission based program. Upon a comprehensive review of the admissions application and other supplemental information, certain students have been personally selected to participate in AOC.