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Administrative Leadership & Supervision in Education

Master's, Online

Educational leaders meet a variety of learning needs to transform students’ lives. Graduates lead in elementary, secondary, post-secondary, health, online education, and more by connecting theory with their practice. The program has three concentrations: K-12 educational administration, adult and continuing education leadership and higher education administration.

African and African Diaspora Studies

Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

This major examines the cultures, societies and political economies of people of African descent worldwide. Topics include history, literature, political science, economics, education, and media. The knowledge and skills gained apply to professions in healthcare, education, journalism, social work, law and justice, business, public policy, and arts.


Major, Minor, Master's, Accelerated Master's, Doctoral

Anthropologists study people and cultures, past and present. Field work and hands-on experience are important parts of the program. An understanding of human organization, communication, and behavior can lead to careers in government service, business, education, marketing, nonprofit administration, cultural resource management, and more.


Master's, Doctoral

Masters and doctoral students interrogate the built environment with a passionate commitment to tectonics and culture complemented and challenged by many avenues of experimentation and research that confront professional norms. Students embrace alternative urban practices by speculating on thermodynamic form, cultural geography, prototyping and new ecological landscapes.


Major, Minor, Master's

Developing creative thinkers, artist professionals and cultural leaders through a cross-disciplinary curriculum that balances innovation, traditional craftsmanship, critical thinking and scholarly civic engagement. Committed to Milwaukee’s diverse urban communities, our programs emphasize activism within the arts.

Art History

Major, Minor, Master's, Accelerated Master's

Art History students explore Western and Non-Western art in all forms and across all time periods. Art’s impact and influence, past and present, are explored through courses covering architecture, religion, politics, economics, cinema and journalism. Graduates go on to various roles at museums, libraries, schools, galleries, design firms and non-profit agencies.

Athletic Training


The Kinesiology Department offers an Athletic Training MS, a professional degree accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, that prepares students to become certified athletic trainers. Students are trained in interprofessional and clinical practice. Active learning experiences prepare them for careers in patient/client-centered care.

Atmospheric Sciences

Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

Atmospheric Science, or meteorology, features small class sizes and ample opportunities for hands-on experience in forecasting, risk assessment, research and communication. The program prepares students for careers that rely heavily on data, analytics and decision support.


Major, Master's, Doctoral

Biochemistry focuses on the application of chemical principles to the investigation of life processes. Biochemists work in a wide range of careers in academic institutions, pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology industries, and government. Biochemistry also prepares students for professional schools in healthcare (including pre-medicine, pre-vet and pre-pharmacy).

Biological Sciences

Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

Biology is the study of life – human, plant, animal. It is a popular choice for students preparing for careers in healthcare, agriculture, environmental care, food processing, manufacturing, product development, biotech, and more. Students can take a broad curriculum or focus on cell and molecular biology, microbiology, or industrial fermentation.

Biomedical Sciences

Major, Master's, Online

Medical tests are critical to the accurate detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, and so are the scientists who perform them. If you enjoy science and its practical application, a degree in biomedical sciences could be for you. This diverse program offers laboratory and diagnostic imaging sub-majors, as well as degree completion and UW flexible option sub-majors.




Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

A foundational science, chemistry prepares students for a wide range of careers in industry, professional schools and graduate programs including research and development, forensics, manufacturing, engineering, conservation, medicine, and more. Research experience is critical and abundant to all UWM students in areas such as drug discovery, nanomaterials, synthesis, etc

Cinematic Arts, MFA



Major, Master's, Doctoral, Online

The study of communication examines how language is used to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, and media. The mission of the Department of Communication is to provide students with education in the theory, history, ethics and practice of communication and to prepare them for careers and leadership in a wide variety of professions.

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Major, Master's

The communication sciences and disorders program prepares students to become speech-language pathologists or audiologists whose evaluation and treatment helps clients and their families live with communication disorders. Lab research, clinical placement and other hands-on learning opportunities enhance students’ career preparation

Computer Science

Major, Minor, Master's, Accelerated Master's, Online

Study and design computer systems, networks, software, programming languages, algorithms and more. Computer scientists work as software engineers, game and app developers, systems integration consultants and IT managers. Computer science is a rapidly growing field.

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Major, Minor, Master's, Accelerated Master's

Study the criminal justice system through legal and political lenses, examining the nature, causes and impact of crime. Students learn through courses taught by experienced faculty, and in fieldwork opportunities, to improve their listening, speaking, writing, analytical and evaluative skills. They graduate prepared to work in law enforcement, corrections and the courts.

Cultural Foundations of Community Engagement & Education

Master's, Online

Examine social forces affecting urban schools and communities. Gain the knowledge necessary to develop creative solutions grounded in research. Learn skills for policy and leadership in community-based organizations, strategies for community engagement and service learning, and explore topics ranging from gender and race relations, to youth work and alternative education.

Curriculum & Instruction

Master's, Online

One of the state’s leading teacher preparation programs, Curriculum & Instruction features experienced educators, research-based practices and multiple tracks depending on students’ career goals. Majors are connected to a network of 150+ schools and community partners where they apply what they learn. Choose from ten teacher certification and non-certification programs.


Major, Minor, Master's

Committed to the development of dance artists and educators in their pursuit of a comprehensive education built upon diverse practices, research and community engagement. Our innovative curriculum integrates multiple disciplines and somatic practices, creating a learning environment that prioritizes a balance of body and mind knowledge with informed, creative expression.


Major, Minor, Master's, Accelerated Master's, Doctoral

Economics is about human and organizational decision-making. Applying theories and models to real-world data, students focus on such issues as unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, economic development, trade and global finance, tax policy, minimum wages, environmental policy, and healthcare. It is an analytical and high-demand field with high entry-level salaries.

Educational Psychology

Master's, Doctoral

This degree prepares psychologists, researchers and educational professionals to effectively address the challenges of promoting education, learning and mental health in urban environments. Program options include specializations in counseling psychology, clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, and educational statistics and measurements.


Master's, Accelerated Master's, Doctoral

Explore biomedical, civil, computer, electrical, material, industrial or mechanical engineering, and participate in research and design synthesis. Select courses specific to your career objectives, and develop and defend an engineering thesis. This program does not require a rigid set of courses; design your own studies to prepare yourself for your ideal career.


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

Read closely, write persuasively, argue analytically, and imagine creatively. Students learn to think critically and explore a diversity of texts and media, from novels to poems, films to websites, corporate documents to social media. Focused plans of study prepare students for a wide range of careers in writing and editing, teaching, communications, and new media.

Exceptional Education

Major, Master's, Accelerated Master's

Make a difference in students’ lives as a special education professional. Work with individuals across the lifespan affected by disabilities. The special education teacher certification program prepares graduates to apply for Wisconsin licenses to teach students with disabilities in early childhood through adolescence, as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Executive MBA


The Executive MBA program is designed for experienced managers who want to sharpen their leadership skills, become better managers and focus their career trajectory. This strong cohort program allows our executive students to make professional connections across subjects and disciplines and work outside the classroom on team projects with Lubar’s partner organizations.

Freshwater Sciences & Technology


From Milwaukee’s Harbor at the edge of the Great Lakes, students explore Earth’s largest freshwater system, urban rivers and water infrastructure, groundwater, fisheries and environmental health. Students choose a professional or thesis track, combining a science-based curriculum, field work, applied research, and community engagement resulting in a 97% job placement rate.


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

Geographers analyze and interpret spatial patterns and influence public policy or corporate decisions. Long-range climate predictions, population shifts and urban management, land use, animal migration patterns, and new retail siting maps are just a few examples of practical applications. Geographers seek to understand the planet’s impact on people and vice versa.


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

Geoscientists study the Earth and the processes that shape it. Water, glaciers, climate, soil quality, tectonics, and paleontology are just a few examples of elective concentrations. Required outdoor field work prepares students for jobs with environmental and water resource management; energy and mineral industries; and government agencies.

Health Care Administration

Major, Minor, Master's, Online

Students in the health care administration program learn business strategies needed to lead health care organizations: finance, information systems, strategic planning, HR management and marketing. A key component of this program is exposure to management and leadership training principles necessary to run a single department or a vast health care organization.

Health Care Informatics

Master's, Certificate, Online

The fast-growing field of health care informatics seeks professionals with highly specialized training in IT and health care. The program’s interdisciplinary, expert faculty provide training in critical skills like systems analysis and design, decision support, health care applications and procurement and information security.

Healthcare Administration, MHA


Healthcare is the largest and fastest-changing industry in the U.S., and our program fully prepares graduates to enter management positions with the knowledge to make a difference when managing medical information and healthcare staff in all areas of the industry, and in doing so, provide excellent healthcare quality and value.


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral, Online

Our history alumni can be found in almost every type of profession. Analyzing the past and constructing new interpretations and applications leads to high-level critical thinking, problem-solving and written communication skills – excellent qualities for lawyers, journalists, business leaders, teachers, museum personnel and nonprofit managers.

Information Science & Technology

Major, Minor, Master's, Accelerated Master's, Online

Combining core IT skills like front-end web design, HCI, UX and information security with data science and project management, Information Science & Technology prepares students for current and emerging IT careers.

Information Technology Management

Major, Master's, Accelerated Master's

Expanding technologies and data availability make IT professionals increasingly important around the world. IT professionals examine problems, then develop and communicate technology-based solutions. They use a range of IT skills and analysis to make data and new technologies work together across all of a company’s business functions. UWM has unique expertise in...

Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies

Major, Minor, Master's

JAMS combines academic study of the media with practical training for careers in news (audio, video, and print), advertising, and public relations. Many courses are taught by professionals with experience working in the media. Internships are strongly encouraged and many students graduate with more than one experience on their resumé.


Major, Minor, Master's, Accelerated Master's, Doctoral

Kinesiology is ideal for anyone fascinated by human movement. Students learn from faculty nationally recognized for research and teaching that deepens our understanding of physical activity. Students can specialize in topics like anatomy/physiology, biomechanics, psychosocial aspects of sport/exercise and motor development. Research and clinical opportunities are included.

Language, Literature, & Translation


This Master’s program offers concentrations in Comparative Literature, French, German, and Translation & Interpreting. Each concentration offers joint degrees with Library & Information Science. The Translation concentration also offers a joint MA-MBA. The degree is flexible with a variety of academic and professional paths, including accelerated 5-year BA/MA programs.


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

Linguists study the structure, acquisition, and use of language in order to understand this uniquely human capacity and contribute to the development of new language-related technologies. Cutting-edge research takes place in ultrasound and eye-tracking labs, leading to new therapies, next-gen web search and speech recognition applications, and improved language pedagogy.



The MS in Management is the optimal choice if you wish to do a “deep dive” into a specific business field, allowing you to contribute as a business subject matter expert who has a significant body of fundamental knowledge and an understanding of emerging issues.


Major, Master's, Accelerated Master's

Marketers help their companies satisfy customers, build new markets and grow companies by conducting research, developing products and services, and devising planning, pricing, advertising, promotion and distribution strategies. With rapidly changing technologies and constantly changing customer attitudes and behaviors, highly qualified marketers are always in demand.

Master of Business Administration

Master's, Online

The MBA program at the Lubar School of Business focuses on professional advancement through a highly-regarded business management program, combined with professional development opportunities focused on your unique professional needs. The MBA is offered in an accelerated 20-month cohort program or flexible schedule program, with online course offerings to accommodate...

Master of Human Resources & Labor Relations


The Human Resources & Labor Relations master’s degree provides an interdisciplinary blend of human resources, staffing, labor, legal and statistical knowledge coursework and experience. Connect with faculty, peers and professionals in small classes. Human resources and labor relations professionals work with unions and management in both private and public sectors.

Master of Library & Information Science

Master's, Online

Ranked 14th in the nation, the ALA-accredited MLIS program prepares librarians, archivists and information professionals for careers in academic and public work settings. With a long history of online course delivery and experience with emerging technologies, the SOIS MLIS program prepares tomorrow’s librarians.

Master of Public Administration


Public administrators must consider financial, legal, political and organizational constraints when implementing programs and policies. UWM's theory-grounded courses provide practical preparation in fiscal control, quantitative analysis, organization management, decision analysis, government institutions, and legal procedures -- valued skills for public sector management.

Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding


Graduates of this unique program become change-makers engaged in complex global or local issues related to health and the environment. Students work with partners who are connected to the community/issue of interest to them: international organizations, government departments, nonprofits and educators. The program has active partnerships and programs across the globe.


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

Math is the international language of science, tech and engineering. Teaching is often thought of first, but individuals who “speak the language” and enjoy problem-solving excel in all types of related fields: astrophysics, medicine, polling, data analysis, programming, market research, animation, national security, robotics, climate study and finance to name just a few.


Major, Minor, Master's

The largest professional degree-granting music department in the UW System, we serve the greater scholarly and musical communities through academic research, lectures and seminars, performances and instruction. Our world-renowned faculty provide students opportunities to perform and intern with Milwaukee’s leading music organizations while earning their degrees.

Non-Profit Management & Leadership


Successful nonprofit professionals use their skills in financial management, resource development, governance, organizational leadership and program planning and accountability to advance important causes. UWM's program is designed for working professionals seeking this type of well-rounded, specialized management program, with coursework primarily in the evening.


Major, Master's, Doctoral, Online

Wisconsin’s largest College of Nursing is a leader in nursing education, innovative research and community engagement. Undergraduates enjoy hands-on learning, use the latest technology and follow a comprehensive curriculum that includes theory and practice. Graduate students work with world-renowned faculty in research and clinical settings, shaping practice and policy.

Occupational Therapy


Taught by faculty who are leaders in occupational therapy (OT) through their professional credentials and research productivity, the OT master’s program at UWM is connected to 300+ clinical sites nationally. Students learn to design diverse therapies – dressing, eating, driving – for clients looking to lead full lives after a life-changing illness or injury.


Major, Minor, Master's

Philosophers pursue the eternal questions of our existence - truth, knowledge, being, meaning, goodness and beauty. Our majors study great philosophers of the past and learn to inquire philosophically in a modern context. These critical thinking and writing skills lead to success in law, business, journalism, public service, teaching, etc. 


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral

Physics underpins all scientific and technological advances. At UWM, students can study physics (with an optional concentration in astronomy and joint programs with engineering) in preparation for a variety of research or commercial careers. Faculty areas of expertise span bio imaging, nano-materials, energy storage, gravitational waves, astrophysics, proteins, and more.

Political Science

Major, Minor, Master's, Accelerated Master's, Doctoral, Online

Political science provides the important skills and knowledge for careers in government, law, education, business, and other fields through courses in American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. Students can take a Law Studies concentration with electives focused on the Constitution, Supreme Court, and legal issues.


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral, Online

Psychologists seek to understand the social and biological bases of behavior. Some students earn a master's degree to become therapists; others work in healthcare, social services, education, human resources, marketing, or other people-oriented professions. Faculty specialize in clinical psychology, neuroscience, and health psychology.

Public Health

Major, Master's, Accelerated Master's, Doctoral

Prepare for a career in biostatistics, community & behavioral health, environmental health sciences, epidemiology or public health policy & administration through graduate work at the Zilber School of Public Health. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hospitals, government agencies and research organizations need more public health professionals.

School Psychology Ed. S.

Master's, Doctoral

This degree prepares students to work as school psychologists and leads to state certification. Based on a scientist-practitioner model and coursework in educational psychology and complementary disciplines, our program emphasizes the link between theory, research, and practice. Approved by the National Association of School Psychologists.

Social Work

Major, Master's

Examine social problems from multiple perspectives and encourage change among individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Social work practitioners work in child welfare, gerontology, mental and physical health, and community leadership. This program partners with hundreds of agencies to prepare graduates with hands-on field experience.


Major, Minor, Master's, Doctoral, Online

Sociology is the study of the social world. While psychologists study individuals, sociologists investigate the structure, interaction and behavior of groups and organizations. Research areas of note at UWM include: housing segregation, stay-at-home dads, juvenile delinquency, the sociology of food, religion and politics, gender identity and race relations.


Major, Minor, Master's

Spanish is one of the world’s most used languages. It is an official language of 20 countries and in the United Nations. A Spanish degree can be combined with another major to enhance career readiness in healthcare, business, social services, government foreign service, marketing, or journalism. An MA in Spanish further develops one’s proficiency in language and culture.

Translation & Interpreting Studies

Master's, Certificate, Online

Translation & Interpreting Studies offers fully online degrees and certificates. The master’s degree has tracks in interpreting and in translation with a research or professional focus. The professional translation master’s program is also available in coordination with an MBA or MLIS (library science). Graduate certificates are available in translation or interpreting.

Urban Design


New in 2020, you can complete the MUD in 12 months. Develop the knowledge and skills to create sustainable, equitable, prosperous urban spaces for present and future generations by studying rapidly changing urban environments. This graduate program is taught by professors from UWM’s accredited architecture and urban planning departments and by Milwaukee-area practitioners.

Urban Planning

Master's, Certificate

The Master of Urban Planning is a two-year professional program that prepares students for careers in public planning agencies, nonprofits or private practice and is fully accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. Candidates enroll in the program from diverse professional/educational backgrounds: architecture, geography, political science, engineering, business.

Urban Studies

Major, Master's, Accelerated Master's, Doctoral, Certificate

Cities, suburbs, and metro regions often face a set of unique challenges in addressing issues of transportation, education, housing, poverty, crime, ethnicity, sustainability, employment, and development. Students explore all of these topics through coursework across 11 departments and fields, and can choose to focus their electives around an area of particular interest.

Women’s and Gender Studies

Major, Minor, Master's, Certificate

UWM was the first Wisconsin campus to offer a WGS program. Ours is a flexible program – students can choose classes from 30 different departments. Whether the subject is gender identity, gender in the media, women’s and gender history, feminist research methods, women in politics, or any number of other topics, students will examine women and gender through a new lens.

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