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All UWM schools and colleges provide opportunities for students to complete general education requirements. The Career Planning & Resource Center, in collaboration with Pathway Advising, helps undecided students identify their ideal major(s).

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Closeup of African mask
African and African Diaspora Studies
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

This major examines the cultures, societies and political economies of people of African descent worldwide. Topics include history, literature, political science, economics, education, and media. The knowledge and skills gained apply to professions in healthcare, education, journalism, social work, law and justice, business, public policy, and arts.

Student restoring marble statue in art museum
Art History
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Art History students explore Western and Non-Western art in all forms and across all time periods. Art’s impact and influence, past and present, are explored through courses covering architecture, religion, politics, economics, cinema and journalism. Graduates go on to various roles at museums, libraries, schools, galleries, design firms and non-profit agencies.

Man standing on spiral staircase
Great Wall of China
Minor, Program of Study

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by 1.4 billion people worldwide and is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations. The language and literature, art and finance, history and foreign policy, and business and interpersonal norms that make up Chinese culture are explored in this program. Study-abroad opportunities and student clubs round out this program’s features.

Classical ruins with columns
Major, Minor

The study of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome has applications to today – it is an excellent preparation for graduate programs in history, archaeology, literature, law, medicine and religion. Three tracks are available: classical civilization, ancient Greek language and literature, or Latin language and literature.

Two college students - one female and one male - sitting with others behind them
Major, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

The study of communication examines how language is used to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, and media. The mission of the Department of Communication is to provide students with education in the theory, history, ethics and practice of communication and to prepare them for careers and leadership in a wide variety of professions.

Group of people at coffee shop with one writing in a notebook
Community Engagement & Education
Major, Accelerated Master’s, Online

Learn strategies for management, leadership and entrepreneurship, leading to positions in community-based organizations, child care, foster care agencies and government. Examine the causes of social inequality and explore solutions. Focus on a range of areas: alternative education, child and family services, community-based organizations, youth work and more.

Black and white image of people standing in line with suitcases
Comparative Ethnic Studies
Program of Study, Certificate

Social justice is the central theme of this program. Students explore racial and ethnic identities, their historical context, and how they shape contemporary culture, society, and public policy both within the U.S. and abroad. An internship is required and current research foci are in immigrant rights, urbanism, race relations, and refugee migration.

Open book
Comparative Literature
Major, Minor

Comparative Literature is the study of world literature, media and the arts. Internationally focused courses provide training in global perspectives and critical analysis that prepare students to be culturally dexterous citizens of the world with flexible career options. Language of instruction is English; majors can take language and other courses outside the program.

Person at coffee shop typing on laptop with mug of tea nearby
Digital Arts and Culture
Major, Certificate, Online

Technology is rapidly changing as is its impact on all types of industries and on our culture. The DAC program is at the forefront of the intersection of art and design, global communication theory, social media, marketing, journalism and social sciences. Coursework covers all of these areas, and students can customize electives around their particular interests.

Elementary school classroom with teacher sitting at table with students
Major, Minor

One of the state’s leading teacher preparation programs featuring experienced educators, research-based practices, and ten concentrations to fit any student’s career goals. Majors are connected to a network of 150+ schools and community partners where students apply what they learn, and train to teach in a variety of settings with a culturally diverse student population.

Woman sitting with clipboard in front of a child holding his arms up
Educational Psychology
Master’s, Doctoral

This degree prepares psychologists, researchers and educational professionals to effectively address the challenges of promoting education, learning and mental health in urban environments. Program options include specializations in counseling psychology, clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, and educational statistics and measurements.

Curved bookshelves filled with books
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Read closely, write persuasively, argue analytically, and imagine creatively. Students learn to think critically and explore a diversity of texts and media, from novels to poems, films to websites, corporate documents to social media. Focused plans of study prepare students for a wide range of careers in writing and editing, teaching, communications, and new media.

Child's hand in front of colorful blocks
Exceptional Education
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Make a difference in students’ lives as a special education professional. Work with individuals across the lifespan affected by disabilities. The special education teacher certification program prepares graduates to apply for Wisconsin licenses to teach students with disabilities in early childhood through adolescence, as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Vintage cameras and film equipment
Film Studies
Major, Minor

Film Studies focuses on the history, theory and criticism of film and television. Students learn how to discuss and write about these areas critically; make connections between media, historical themes, and cultural change; analyze the impact of film and television on individuals and society; and compare different media formats.

Exterior of the Louvre in Paris at night
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s

Develop global perspectives sought by companies, educational institutions and NGOs in the US, France and other French-speaking countries (Canada, Haiti, Belgium, Congo, etc.), and explore our many study abroad opportunities. Students who enter UWM with advanced French can earn a bachelor’s and master’s in 5 years to become a translator/interpreter.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Germany
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s

An emphasis on both language and culture prepares students for diverse careers. Students interested in international business can add a business minor, and double majors with an applied field are also popular. The German major is also the first step towards grad school for interpretation and translation. Multiple study abroad destinations are available.

Teacher with children standing around her looking at globe
Global Educator

The Global Educator Certificate prepares future educator professionals in K-12 schools or other educational settings to integrate global content and approaches into their professional practice. The certificate is designed for learners studying in graduate programs in the School of Education.

Large city at night
Global Studies
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s

Students choose a specific track – global management, global communications, global security, global sustainability or global health – and many degrees are jointly awarded by two schools in recognition of the unique combination of professional training and liberal arts courses. Study abroad and an international internship are required.

Girl leaning over old document in room filled with archival materials
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Our history alumni can be found in almost every type of profession. Analyzing the past and constructing new interpretations and applications leads to high-level critical thinking, problem-solving and written communication skills – excellent qualities for lawyers, journalists, business leaders, teachers, museum personnel and nonprofit managers.

Collection of black and white family photos
Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights

This multidisciplinary certificate confronts the social forces that lead to genocide. With the Holocaust as its foundation, the certificate encourages students to look broadly at the moral, social, and political contexts of genocide and postgenocide memory, and to use their understanding to create meaningful change in our world.

Illustration of globe with colorful lines running across it
International Studies
Major, Minor

The International Studies major prepares students for 21st century careers in a changing world. Taking a holistic approach to learning and professional development, the major emphasizes understanding cross-cultural, political, economic, and historical ties to prepare graduates for careers in a global marketplace.

People sitting at the edge of a pool in front of a building
Major, Minor

We offer small classes and individualized attention for Italian majors. Language, literature, cuisine, and culture courses prepare students for careers in culinary arts, design, science, and education or for graduate school in translation and interpreting including UWM’s program – the first Italian-to-English translation program in the U.S.

Japanese shrine or temple with lanterns
Minor, Program of Study

The Japanese program provides students with the linguistic and cultural fluency required to live and work in a Japanese environment. Many alumni live in Japan, working and studying in varying fields; others work in the U.S. in Japanese-related careers such as Animé marketing, business, and government.

Ancient-looking brick structure against a blue sky
Jewish Studies
Major, Minor

UWM’s Sam and Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies and the Hebrew Studies Program have partnered to offer a major in Jewish Studies, with tracks in Hebrew Studies or Jewish Cultural Studies. Hebrew Studies emphasizes proficiency in the Hebrew language. The multidisciplinary Jewish Cultural Studies focuses on Jewish culture and history.

Display board with buttons and monitors
Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies
Major, Minor

JAMS combines academic study of the media with practical training for careers in news (audio, video, and print), advertising, and public relations. Many courses are taught by professionals with experience working in the media. Internships are strongly encouraged and many students graduate with more than one experience on their resumé.

Red and blue building with tall center arch with people walking around
Latin American, Caribbean, & US Latinx Studies
Major, Accelerated Master’s

Uniquely UWM, LACUSL integrates the study of peoples and culture of Latin America and the Caribbean with the study of U.S. Latinx’s. Most other programs focus on one or the other. Alumni work stateside or abroad in health services, education, nonprofits, business, and government. An accelerated program leads to both the BA and a master’s in translation in 5 years.

Three female students sitting in class in front of windows
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Linguists study the structure, acquisition, and use of language in order to understand this uniquely human capacity and contribute to the development of new language-related technologies. Cutting-edge research takes place in ultrasound and eye-tracking labs, leading to new therapies, next-gen web search and speech recognition applications, and improved language pedagogy.

Statue heads of ancient philosophers in a row
Major, Minor, Master’s

Philosophers pursue the eternal questions of our existence – truth, knowledge, being, meaning, goodness and beauty. Our majors study great philosophers of the past and learn to inquire philosophically in a modern context. These critical thinking and writing skills lead to success in law, business, journalism, public service, teaching, etc.

Sunlight streaming through window of old church
Religious Studies
Major, Minor

The academic analysis of religion across cultures, time, and place provides an understanding of one of the most powerful influences on human behavior throughout history and in modern times. UWM’s interdisciplinary approach combines courses in anthropology, architecture, art, classics, literature, Jewish Studies, history and philosophy.

View of top of colorfully patterned St. Petersburg castle
Major, Minor

There is high demand for Russian speakers in both the public and private sector, but few U.S. universities offer a Russian degree. We offer broad training in Russian language and culture, and our alumni have careers in a wide variety of fields ranging from counterintelligence to social work. Nearly all UWM Russian majors study abroad on competitive federal scholarships.

Mesoamerican pyramid with tourists standing at bottom
Major, Minor, Master’s

Spanish is one of the world’s most used languages. It is an official language of 20 countries and in the United Nations. A Spanish degree can be combined with another major to enhance career readiness in healthcare, business, social services, government foreign service, marketing, or journalism. An MA in Spanish further develops one’s proficiency in language and culture.

Pedestrian street in Montreal Canada with two people walking in foreground
Urban Planning
Master’s, Certificate

The Master of Urban Planning is a two-year professional program that prepares students for careers in public planning agencies, nonprofits or private practice and is fully accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. Candidates enroll in the program from diverse professional/educational backgrounds: architecture, geography, political science, engineering, business.

View from above of a large city filled with skyscrapers
Urban Studies
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral, Certificate

Cities, suburbs, and metro regions often face a set of unique challenges in addressing issues of transportation, education, housing, poverty, crime, ethnicity, sustainability, employment, and development. Students explore all of these topics through coursework across 11 departments and fields, and can choose to focus their electives around an area of particular interest.

Black and white photo of college students holding Women's Day banner
Women’s and Gender Studies
Major, Minor, Master’s, Certificate

UWM was the first Wisconsin campus to offer a WGS program. Ours is a flexible program – students can choose classes from 30 different departments. Whether the subject is gender identity, gender in the media, women’s and gender history, feminist research methods, women in politics, or any number of other topics, students will examine women and gender through a new lens.

UWM is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org), an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.