September 7, 2021  |  News & Events, Timely Announcements

NOTE: On September 7, 2021, this message was sent to all instructors teaching Fall 2021 courses,


Every semester we have undergraduate students who simply do not show up for multiple courses; these students are at significant risk of failing out of the institution with a lot of debt. If we can figure out who they are, we can help them, or drop them early enough so that they can receive a refund.

The Enrollment Census Campaign can help us find these students, and we’ll run it from September 9-15. On September 9th you will receive an email with a link for the course(s) you teach this term. At the point that makes the most sense for your course, click the link and you’ll be taken to a current class roster; there you will indicate which students are active in your course and can add any additional information you may have. To save time, you can quickly select those that have never participated, and select the “Mark remaining as active” box at the end of the class roster.

We will then use your submissions to identify students who are not participating in multiple courses, and then we will ask school/college/unit advising offices to reach out to those students.

Thanks in advance for your caring commitment to our students, and best of luck in yet another challenging semester.

Take care,


Johannes Britz
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs