July 15, 2019  |  News & Events, Timely Announcements

Nancy Frank (Urban Planning) has agreed to serve as Interim Dean for the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, effective August 15. With 38 years at UWM, and 25 in SARUP, Nancy brings a wealth of experience and institutional knowledge to the role. Previously, she served as Department Chair for Urban Planning, Associate Dean of Architecture and Urban Planning, and Acting Dean of the School when Dean Greenstreet served as Interim Chancellor in 2003-04.

Nancy earned her MS and Ph.D. from the State University of New York-Albany where she earned the Distinguished Dissertation Award. Her teaching areas are Environmental Planning and Planning process, and her research interests include policy analysis, sustainable energy, climate change mitigation, and climate change adaptation. I look forward to working with you in this new capacity, Nancy.

I also want to express my personal gratitude and appreciation to Bob Greenstreet for his 29 years of remarkable and outstanding service as Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, making him the longest-serving Architecture dean in the country. That’s quite a legacy, Bob! Apart from serving as Dean of SARUP, Bob was also Interim Chancellor (2003-04) and double Dean of SARUP and Peck School of the Arts (1999-2001). Bob will still be around on campus since he will return to his faculty position in SARUP. Thank you again, Bob!


Date: Included in Provost’s 7/15/19 Monday Update