October 2, 2020  |  News & Events, Student Success, Timely Announcements


Thank you for last year’s excellent participation in Progress Reports in the Navigate platform. Highlights include:

  • Increase of 17% in total reports submitted when comparing Fall ’19 to Fall ’18
  • Special campaign to capture student engagement after spring break resulted in 1500 alerts
  • Progress reports guided Persistence Action Team outreach plans to 235 students in the second half of the spring semester

Your feedback and outreach are critical to the success of our students. I truly appreciate the effort all UWM faculty and staff make to enhance the success and retention of our students, and I thank you in advance for your participation in the campaign this fall semester.

Take care,



Fall 2020 CAMPAIGN

Instructors can submit a progress report or alert for a student at any time inside or outside the campaign window by selecting Navigate on the Faculty/Staff tab of the UWM homepage (a tutorial is available here); the purpose of the campaign is to coordinate our efforts, allowing advisors and other support staff to identify patterns.  

The Fall 2020 Progress Report campaign will run from October 2 until midnight on October 30. Please submit your Progress Reports at a time that makes the most sense for your course. 


      1. Please discuss the intent of the reports with your students prior to submitting them. As the automated message students receive is merely an alert, additional information you provide should help to prompt action by the student and minimize adverse reactions to the notification.
      2. Follow the link in the invitation email. When writing the reports, please provide a level of detail that will be helpful to students, advisors, and success coaches. A video tutorial can be found here.
      3. Please submit reports for all students if possible. Using the “Other” reason and the comments box to reinforce good academic performance is just as important as submitting a report for a student who may be struggling academically.

All reports will be visible to professional staff dedicated to student success including advisors, success coaches, and coordinators, who will respond on a case-by-case basis. Your students will have received messaging about the campaign and the need to log in to Navigate to check their reports. See below for instructions you can post to remind them how to see their reports.


If you run into difficulties with the process, please contact navigate-support@uwm.edu. More information, including the messages students receive can be found at uwm.edu/navigate. Here are responses to some common issues and questions:

  • All instructors assigned to a course in PAWS receive a unique link to submit Progress Reports. Instructors should communicate with each other to determine who will be submitting reports.
  • Lectures and discussions/labs may receive a separate Progress Report request. You are encouraged to submit reports for whichever section makes the most sense for your course.
  • If you don’t see a student on your course roster in the link provided in the auto-generated email, log in to the Navigate platform and complete Progress Reports there.
  • Comments that you include in Progress Reports will not go out over email to students, but will be visible when they log in to Navigate.  The more information you are able to provide, the better it is for the student, and the advisor, coach, or support staff who may be following up.


To view the progress reports submitted by your instructors,

  1. Log in to Navigate using the Current Students drop down from the UWM homepage.
  2. Select “Reports” under Student Home.
  3. Select “View Report” under the Details column of the Progress Reports area.


NOTE: This message was sent on October 2, 2020, to all instructors teaching undergraduate courses for the Fall 2020 term, and advisors.