NOTE: This message was sent on Monday, September 10, 2018, to all instructors teaching undergraduate courses for the Fall 2018 term.


As we enter the second week of the semester, it is again time to submit Progress Reports for our undergraduate students. Progress Reports provide students with an indication of their performance. The information provided by you, the instructor, is shared with each student’s academic advisor. Combined efforts will provide the opportunity for timely intervention.

  • When:  The Fall 2018 Progress Report campaign will run week 2 (September 10) through week 9 (November 2).
  • How:  All instructors teaching undergraduate courses will receive an email invitation from SSC Campus, the week of September 10, to submit progress reports for all students.
    • Instructors can submit progress reports by following the link in the invitation email.
  • At-risk progress reports will be shared directly with students – all instructor comments will be shared so mindful construction is important.
  • All reports will be directed to professional staff dedicated to student success including advisors and multi-cultural personnel.
  • Instructors should submit progress reports for all students in their courses, particularly those at-risk of withdrawing from the class or receiving a low grade. Signs of risk:
    • limited or no use of courseware used by the class (D2L or Canvas)
    • multiple missing assignments
    • an overall grade of C- or lower
    • more than 2 unexplained absences with no follow-up
    • any concerns to you as the instructor.

Information on the Progress Reports campaign and additional resources are available at If you have questions or would like further training on the SSC Campus, contact

Progress Reports can be submitted outside this campaign effort – to submit after week 9 select SSC Campus on the Faculty/Staff tab of the UWM homepage.

Your feedback and outreach are critical to the success of our students. I truly appreciate the effort all UWM faculty and staff make to enhance the student success and retention of our students.

Take care,


Johannes Britz
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs