TO: All Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff

FROM: Johannes Britz, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

RE: ‘F’ Grade Policy

DATE: August 9, 2011

This memo clarifies UWM policy (Faculty Senate Document No. 2435) on how to document the award of ‘F’ grades in a course, consistent with a recent change in Federal policy. (See italicized item below.)

  • When reporting a grade of ‘F,’ the instructor will also report a number corresponding to the student’s “week of last participation” in the course. This is the last week of the term for which there is documented evidence of the student’s participation in the course.
  • “Documented evidence of participation” may include any work or materials received from the student, such as exams, quizzes, projects, homework, etc. Documented evidence of participation might also take the form of an attendance roster (if attendance is taken in class), an annotation by the instructor that the student was observed attending class or otherwise participating in the course on a certain date, etc. Documented evidence of participation may not take the form of simply logging into an online class without active participation.*
  • The mechanism to report the week of last participation shall be that, when reporting an ‘F’ grade, the instructor will follow the ‘F’ with a numeral showing the student’s last week of participation, such as, for example, ‘F0,’ ‘F1,’ ‘F16,’ and so on, with 1 equating to the first week of the course, 2 to the second, etc.  A student receiving the mark of ‘F0’ would, therefore, be one who never attended or participated, whereas a student marked ‘F16’ would have completed the entire term (assuming this was a full-term course during a 16- week semester).  For a six-week summer session course, the possible marks would be ‘F0’ – ‘F6’ and so on.  (See next page for a complete list of possible marks.)
  • On official transcripts, only the mark ‘F’ will be reflected. The numeral for “week of last participation” will be reflected on internal, unofficial transcripts and grade reports only.

*Per interpretation of the Program Integrity Regulations published by the U.S. Department of Education on October 29, 2010.

For further details, please see the policy documentation at

Page Two – ‘F’ Grade Policy

Please be sure to adjust any of your classroom and/or online instructional procedures as may be necessary in order to make it easier to provide this information when you report grades at the end of the term. See also additional details below.

Mark Definition for ‘F’ Grades – Effective Fall, 2004

F0 = No Documented Participation
F1 = No Documented Participation after 1st Week
F2 = No Documented Participation after 2nd Week
F3 = No Documented Participation after 3rd Week
F4 = No Documented Participation after 4th Week
F5 = No Documented Participation after 5th Week
F6 = No Documented Participation after 6th Week
F7 = No Documented Participation after 7th Week
F8 = No Documented Participation after 8th Week
F9 = No Documented Participation after 9th Week
F10 = No Documented Participation after 10th Week
F11 = No Documented Participation after 11th Week
F12 = No Documented Participation after 12th Week
F13 = No Documented Participation after 13th Week
F14 = No Documented Participation after 14th Week
F15 = No Documented Participation after 15th Week
F16 = Student Completed the Term

Note:  The above applies to full-term classes during a 16-week semester. Classes which meet during only part of a semester, as well as UWinteriM and Summer Session classes, will have available marks corresponding to the session length, e.g. ‘F0 – F8’ for an 8-week course, ‘F0 – F6’ for a 6-week summer session course, etc. In the case of the 6-week course, a mark of ‘F6’ would equate to the student having participated in the entire course.

c: Deans and Division Heads
Jane M. Hojan-Clark, Executive Director of Financial Aid
Trudy R. Turner, Secretary of the University
Beth L. Weckmueller, Executive Director of Enrollment Services
Phyllis M. King, Associate Vice Chancellor