Adopted in fall 2017, Academic Performance Solutions (APS) is a tool from EAB that helps academic and financial leaders on campus make data-informed decisions about academic planning and resource allocation. Accessible via a user-friendly web-based interface, APS combines student, financial, and human resources data to generate insightful analytics at the school and department level. In addition, APS’s peer benchmarking feature allows campus decision makers to draw comparisons between UWM and a group of similar institutions from across the country.

APS Overview

Implementation of the APS Tool
UWM began implementation of the APS tool in fall 2017. For more information about the tool, please explore the resources below:

Access to the APS Tool
APS is intended to be used by school and campus administrators. Requests for access to the APS tool should be sent to Jihee Beak or Jacob Beihoff.

If you have a UWM email address and wish to gain access to other kinds of EAB resources (e.g., research reports, webinars, blog posts, training materials, etc.), you can set up a free account with EAB by visiting Please note that your EAB account is separate from your APS account.

Project Management

Jihee Beak and Jacob Beihoff 

Training and Support Materials

APS Campus Team


The APS Campus Team is a group of APS users from across campus who meet monthly to discuss the tool and share best practices. Faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out to their school or college’s representative to ask for information about how the tool is being used.

List of Current Members


APS Campus Team meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month


January 25:  Minutes | Slides


December 21:  Minutes | Slides

November 30: Minutes | Slides


Q: How do I gain access to APS?
A: To request access to APS, please contact Jihee Beak or Jacob Beihoff.

Q: How do I log in to the APS platform?
A: Once you have been granted access, you can visit to log in to the APS platform.

Q: Are trainings available?
A: There are a number of web-based resources from EAB and UWM to help you get started on the APS platform. Please refer to the Training and Resources section above, or visit the EAB website. You can also request a one-on-one or small-group training by contacting Jacob Beihoff.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions about the tool?
A: Your unit’s APS Campus Team representative should be your first contact. If they are unable to satisfy your request, please contact Jihee Beak or Jacob Beihoff.

Q: How can I gain access to EAB resources other than APS?
A: If you have a UWM email address, you can set up a free account with EAB by visiting This account will give you access to a wide array of resources related to best practices in higher education, including research reports, blog posts, and webinars.


APS CampusTeam
List of Current Members

Program Management

Jihee Beak
Jacob Beihoff

EAB Consultant
Taylor Holubar

Technical Support and Data Transfer
Tom Lemke
Josh Ebert