Bridge Students’ Testimonial

Great Connections to Start First Year of College

Ebony J.
ebonyJWhen I first joined the Summer Bridge Program, I was kind of embarrassed because I thought I was too smart to be in such a program. During the first few days, I just didn’t cooperate because I felt as if I didn’t need to be in Bridge. As the weeks went on, I was able to actually experience the program. I really started to get engaged with the activities and classes and really started to like Bridge. This program really helped me with preparing myself for the real deal of college. It really boosted me up to be on the right track. Bridge gave me an opportunity to experience the college lifestyle early. The summer program challenged me to do my best in the school year. I was used to campus, and knew where to find everything by the time the school year began. If I had never attended the Bridge Program, I believe my first year of college would have been off track. Bridge also helped me get connected with people so that I would not be lonely. The best part of my experience with Bridge was being able to gain a great relationship with my instructors and advisor! After the school year started, it felt as if I knew my English instructor and advisor for years, thanks to the great connection from the summer. I am thankful that I was chosen to be a part of Bridge because by me being the first child in my family to attend college; I was really confused about many things. The Bridge Program is a great way to start your first year of college; you most definitely won’t be in this world alone. Thanks to Bridge, I have gained much experience which caused me to be a better person!

College was No Joke

Shay E.
shayEHave you ever experienced stress during your summer vacation? As a student at UWM, I never thought how rough it would be in college. During the Summer Bridge Program, I was very stressed out to the point I wanted to give up. I kept getting work piled on me left to right. While attending the program, I then knew it was time to get down to business. That’s when I found out college was no joke. As a result, in learning from my English instructor over the summer, it has motivated me to never give up.I thank the Summer Bridge Program for such a great experience but mainly my English teacher, Mr. Stoner!

Connect with Advisor and Professors

Koua V.
kouaVThe Summer Bridge Program helped me to know more about UWM, such as going to the Writing Center for help and managing my time. During the Bridge Program, I learned more about my advisor and introduced myself to my professors. I got to meet some of the instructors during the Bridge Program, such as Mr. Stoner. He is my English instructor right now, and I feel very comfortable in his class because he taught me before in the Summer Bridge Program.

Back on Track and Help from Writing Class

Channelle C.
channelleCMy Summer Bridge Program was very helpful. It got me back in the swing of being on time and prepared me for what was coming in the fall. The workload was pretty manageable. One thing that really helped me was my writing class – it prepared me in so many ways for English 095. It taught me to think critically, which I used in all of my classes in the summer. Overall it was a great experience.

Great Introduction to Freshman Year

Krish B.
krishBThe Summer Bridge Program helped me out my first semester because it introduced what it was going to be like my freshman year. It was a lot easier; I don’t stress out as much.

Familiar Surroundings and Relationship with Advisor

Nikita B.
nikitaBI think that this program really helped me because I got to meet people before starting the school semester. It helped me get familiar with how things at school would be, and I was able to gain a relationship with my advisor. He is very attentive and helpful whenever you need it. I have to say at first I didn’t really want to be part of the Summer Bridge Program, but once it all got started I was very glad I was part of such a great thing. The Bridge Program really helped me get prepared for the fall semester at UWM.